New Zealand: Justice Has Been Served – Update From SAFE.

Kia ora Mark   Justice has been served.

    Our partners at the New Zealand Animal Law Association have been reviewing the High Court judgment and considering the impact such a landmark ruling will have. We have certainly won the biggest and most important challenge for mother pigs – however the battle for justice is not over yet.
When we received the judgment on Friday, we also heard that our opposition in this case – the Minister for Agriculture, Hon Damien O’Connor and the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) – would have 20 days to appeal the ruling.   The Code of Welfare for pigs must now be amended – this is a crucial piece of legislation that determines how pigs are treated. The amendment of the Code of Welfare cannot be rushed.

Lastly, as with battery cages, farrowing crates will likely be subject to a phaseout period to allow farmers to transition to new farming systems or to leave pig farming altogether. The phaseout of farrowing crates will not happen overnight.     From the beginning of this campaign, we have promised not to give up on mother pigs, and we meant it – with your help we will keep the pressure on the Minister of Agriculture and NAWAC to amend the Code of Welfare and to implement a fair phaseout plan to end the use of farrowing crates for good.
Justice has been served, and we will be watching closely to make sure our Government follows through.
I will keep you updated as I receive more information.
Until then – for the pigs,  
Debra Ashton

Chief Executive Officer

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