Denmark: Mink massacre costs ministers the job

18th November 2020

After a coronavirus mutation was found in the Danish mink, the government wanted to cull millions of fur animals. But apparently, the legal basis for this has so far been lacking.

It was now costing the Minister of Agriculture his job.

Danish Agriculture Minister Mogens Jensen has resigned after killing millions of minks.

“I informed the Prime Minister today that I want to resign from the government,” he said.

The Danish government had ordered the killing of all farmed mink because of the discovery of a mutated version of the coronavirus, without the necessary legislation for the culling of healthy animals.

“I apologize,” Jensen told the Danish broadcaster DR.

The killed minks are trucked to a military site in Denmark.

At the beginning of the month, a mutated version of the coronavirus was found on some Danish farms, which had also infected people. A total of around 15 million mink should then be killed, including healthy animals.

This means that two turbulent weeks in Denmark have reached their climax for the time being in the course of the killing of millions of fur animals.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced on November 4th that all mink in the country should be culled because the coronavirus had mutated in the animals and had already spread to humans.

There was no legal basis

The crux of the scandal: As it turned out, there was no legal basis for the mass culling.

Jensen had only admitted this several days after the measure was announced: “The government has decided that given the seriousness of the situation, it is urgent. Therefore, it was determined that it was not possible to wait for new legislation to be announced. “

In particular, the Cluster 5 variant of the virus had been classified as worrying by the Danish health institute SSI because, according to the institute, it could have a possible impact on future coronavirus vaccines.

As it turned out, the necessary legal basis was missing for the mass cull.
Jensen only admitted this several days after the announcement of the measure.

In the meantime, the government has secured a parliamentary majority for a legal framework that will legally secure the rapid step and ban mink keeping in Denmark by the end of 2021.

And I mean…We want the Prime Minister to do the same.
She pronounced the illegal order of mass murder, she is complicit.

Denmark was the world’s largest producer of mink fur up to this week, along with China.

“Copenhagen Fur”, the auction house of Danish mink breeders, has a market share of 70 percent of the mink skins sold worldwide.
In 2013, Denmark exported mink skins worth almost two billion euros.

According to the industry association Danske Minkavlere, mink farming currently employs 6,000 people and there are around 1,100 mink farms in the country, most of them in North and West Jutland.

The chairman of the branch association Danske Minkavlere whines: “The employees are now losing their animals and their livelihoods. The work of decades is now in vain. We had built up the world’s best and healthiest mink population in Denmark.”

This is how you can call the concentration camps for fur animals, built-up work! If you make millions from it.

Now the Danish fur mafia has come to an end.
The Dutch have already banned mink breeding, as have Poland.
Only Finland remains and then we will most likely see an EU ban on this bloody industry.

Thank you, Corona!

My best regards to all, Venus

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