Avian influenza on the march

Avian influenza outbreak in France, Croatia, and Bavaria
20th November 2020

After cases of avian influenza in parts of Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, and Great Britain, which can be assigned to bird migration, France, Croatia and parts of Bavaria bordering Austria have now also reported cases.

This also increases the risk of an epidemic outbreak in Austria, the Ministry of Health warned in a broadcast yesterday.

The precautionary measures must be strengthened, “all necessary precautions are taken to be able to react quickly to outbreaks in Austria,” it said.

Geflügelpest in Polen: In Brandenburg wächst die Angst vor der Vogelgrippe - Berlin - TagesspiegelPoland

The national reference laboratory in the Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) has prepared itself for the examination of any samples that may accumulate and has made a risk assessment. There is also close contact with the economy, especially with the poultry industry (!!!)

The call to increase biosecurity measures in poultry farms has already been issued.

According to the ministry, a task force for avian influenza is preparing the first measures. Wild birds found dead (especially ducks and other waterfowl) should be reported to the responsible authorities, the health department appealed.

The strain currently identified (H5N8) is not dangerous for humans and is not transmitted via food.



And I mean…At the moment the animal farms consist only of animal corpses.
The mass murder of poultry is definitely imminent.

We had it with the wild boars in Germany, with the minks in Denmark, with the pigs in Tönnies …it has meanwhile become systemically relevant

By then, more antibiotics will be given to the poultry, the meat-eaters are calmed down, but the ultimate solution is always mass murder.

And the population prays to the God of the meat mafia…our daily meat Give us every day.

My best regards to all, Venus

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