Serbia: Jelana’s Shelter – Can You Help Find Homes for these Little Dogs

Can anyone help Jelena with finding homes for the little dogs pictured below:-

This puppy and his brother were found in the street this morning
They are both so adorable;
Would someone like to adopt him?


Also, 3 dogs, Mini, Ophelia and Pepi left to go to Austria yesterday – Animal Care Austria has already found homes for them


We can send more dogs but we need funds for essential blood tests which are required by the EU and cost 5500 dinars.


Laki and Poli are going to be next to go.



Isn’t he just beautiful!

I wish he can find a good home somewhere abroad.

For more on Jelena’s shelter please go to the following links:

Please spread the word and give Jelena’s shelter as much help as possible,

Thank You.


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