Germany – Please Support the “Docs 4 Dogs” Campaign to Close Animal ‘Camps’ in Bulgaria –

Dear animal lovers around the world!We are a registered German charitable non-profit organization named “Docs 4 Dogs”, and we are currently running a campaign for the closure of all animal camps in Bulgaria.

Despite the Bulgarian animal protection act having come into force in January 2008, stray dogs are still being abused, slain and poisoned. The former isolators (death camps) are now called “animal shelters”. A report on our website gives you an idea about the appalling situation of those poor animals: need your help to urge the politicians who could prevent these cruelties to close down the death camps for stray animals in Bulgaria. Right now we are focusing on the isolator in Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s second largest city, where two animal keepers slayed 14 stray dogs with iron bars on February 8,2008. If you have a website, blog or mailing list, please publish the following link were people can sign our protest against the massacre of stray animals in Bulgaria:



We appreciate your help! If you want to support us even more, please link to our web site. We can also link back to you, if you send us the URL and a short description of your website. The Docs 4 Dogs website can be found here: 


We would like to thank you in advance for your support! Bestregards,


Matthias Hofmann  – Docs 4 Dogs

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