Serbia: *** Breaking News *** – Leskovac City Commences ‘No Kill Sterilisation’ Programme for Stray and Roaming Animals


Serbian  Flag

We want to share with you, all of our campaigner friends and supporters, what we consider to be some really great news;

Leskovac city in Southern Serbia has informed Serbian welfare campaigners that they are now commencing with a ‘No Kill Sterilisation strategy’ for animals in the city.

Information we have at present is very limited, but it is understood that the no kill sterilisation programme has already commenced and is currently in progress.

We would like to thank the officials of Leskovac city for being so positive thinking and decisive regarding their city future approach to stray and roaming animal management.  We hope that if all reccomendations proposed by the welfare contingent for no kill sterilisation procedures are adopted, Leskovac city will see new stray / roaming animal numbers drastically reduce in the future.  This has always been our policy; no kill sterilisation of older, more mature animals for the prevention of new puppies and kittens being born into a life of hunger, abuse and untold suffering on the streets.

We hope that this programme undertaken by Leskovac city will act as a template for improvements in stray and roaming animal programmes throughout Serbia.

This is great news – and we will provide you with more details as soon as we have them.


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