Bulgaria: Puppy to be Rehomed Next Day is Stolen From Animal Shelter and Skinned in Revenge Attack Against Proposed Animal Welfare Legislation to be Introduced by the Government.


Please tell the world who sick people are.

Visit the excellent Animal Rescue site and help the dogs at  www.arsofia.com

Puppy skinned alive in rescue shelter

The night before she was due to fly to her new home in Holland, a 3 month old puppy at one of the country’s few humane shelters in Upper Bogrov near Sofia, Bulgaria, was killed in a senseless act…

Spokesman Svetoslav Petrov from ARS  said that there were no traces of blood on the premises so they believe Puppy Jessy was taken off premises and her skin and  head brought back.  He added that a man nicknamed “Chin Lee” has sent a  note to ARS describing to them how it was done to “keep the meat tasty  and tender”.

This was undoubtedly a demonstrative horror action  against the current Animal Rights movement in Bulgaria who are seeking to  persuade the Bulgarian Government to criminalise animal cruelty.

Click the following link to view the full article:

Please help the dogs in the shelter and support them with a donation – to protect the animals against bad people.  www.arsofia.com

3 maanden oude pup levend gevild en daarna onthoofd in asiel in Sofia! klik op onderstaande link of kijk op www.arsofia.com of www.animalrescuesofia.nl
geef de boodschap door en steun de honden en geef een donatie zodat ze geld kunnen uitgeven om de honden in het asiel te beschermen tegen dit soort maniakken!
en zie ook http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-485897?ref=email 
3 Monate alte Welpen lebend gehäutet und danach enthauptet im Tierheim in Sofia! Klicken Sie auf den Link unten, oder besuchen Sie www.arsofia.com 
Bitte sagen Sie Nachricht weiter! und bitte geben Sie eine Spende, damit animal rescue Sofia Geld hat um die Hunde gegen diese Art von Wahnsinnigen zu schützen!
und siehe auch:  http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-485897?ref=email 


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