Uk / Bosnia and Herzegovina: SAV Attempts to Help Uk Newspaper Find Sadistic, Young (Bosnian ?) Puppy Killer Captured on Video.


Today SAV have been trying to help a Uk national newspaper identify a young girl who has been shown on video throwing live young puppies into a river – and certain death.

From the information obtained by the newspaper; ‘The Sun’; it is thought that the video was taken in Bosnia and Herzegovina, although this cannot be absolutely verified.  Further attempts to check this are currently under way.

SAV have posted the video to all contacts in the Balkans with the help of Slavica.

We have also provided the newspaper with much data and many photographs about the terrible situation for stray animals in Serbia and other Balkans states, with the hope that they may do a follow up article.

First and foremost, we need to find out who this girl is; a person who seems to get a sadistic sick pleasure by throwing young animals to their deaths in a fast flowing river.

If any of you can help by distributing the video via this SAV post link then it would be very appreciated.  Any names and details can be left on the ‘Responses’ section at the end of this post.

The video can be seen by clicking on the following link and then scrolling down.

WARNING – contains animal cruelty.

Thanks SAV.

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