South Korea: One Million Pigs Buried Alive – Please Sign the Petition.

One Million Pigs Buried Alive in South Korea


Target: South Korean Embassy’s Worldwide

Sponsored by: Philip Atock

Following an outbreak of Foot & Mouth disease in South Korea, the authorities have refused to have animals vaccinated and are instead doing a mass cull. Slaughtered humanely? No! They’re burying them alive!

Foot and mouth disease affects all cloven hoofed animals such as pigs, cattle and goats, and any country that has cases of it is unable to export the animals’ meat.

The South Korean government has so far refused to vaccinate pigs against the disease and is now slaughtering them in record numbers despite appeals to stop.

On January 4 in one area of Gangwon-Do, 33,900 pigs alone were destroyed, according to the OIE

Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) has said that South Korea’s actions contravene international guidelines. Michele Danan from the organisation said: “Live vaccinations are the best route but if they do have to kill them we would prefer that they were at least slaughtered humanely.”

The estimated cost of the cull so far is believed to have reached around £230m when a mass vaccination programme would have cost an estimated £63m.

Some animal rights campaigners have criticised the government for putting economic considerations ahead of animal welfare.

The Republic has begun inoculating cattle in some areas and the OIE reported on Thursday that sows and boars are starting to be vaccinated but only in a few locations.

It is believed the live burial of pigs began at Christmas and the figure is likely to climb far above the one million mark.

Joyce D’Silva, Director of Public Affairs for CIWF said: “Compassion in World Farming is appalled that the Republic of Korea is allegedly throwing pigs into pits and burying them alive.

“This is totally contrary to international guidelines on humane culling, which the Korean government endorsed five years ago.

We urge the Korean government to end this horrendous practice at once and to ensure that, if animals are culled, this is done humanely.”

Please sign this petition and send it to all your friends. This type of deliberate cruelty is totally unnecessary and totally unacceptable in any country in 2011

20 Responses

  1. H ow could any human do this to these poor animals ,how could you stand by and see them getting covered over with soil ,trying to breathe,and slowly going under ,cying out ,it is just so horrific ,these poor pigs,we all have choices in life ,if we are ‘all true to our selves ‘this depravity to these dfencless animals would not have happened,Shame on the South Korean Government and all involved in this debauchery.

  2. Its South Korea , they have no morals!!

  3. you can judge a society by how well it treats animals.”gandhi

  4. … es que ya no tengo palabras para describir la CONDUCTA DEL ANIMAL HUMANO!!!

  5. really really horrible…. how inhumane….those poor animals!

  6. horror, horror!!!!!!!
    shame on you South Korea!!!!!!!
    what you do to others comes back to you …
    those poor helpless little souls!

  7. terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP

  8. crueles!!!

  9. What a cruel way Coreans have chosen to massacre those poor animals.

    The people behind this horror should pay for it.

  10. Hijos de puta

  11. stop please

  12. dios cmo se puede hacer algo asi stop please

  13. Chinos, japoneses, coreanos y demas parece que todos son muy crueles haciendo sufrir a todos los animales. (de tierra, mar y aire…)
    Como si feran objetso inanimados.
    Les quitan la piel, los frien vivos, los matan de foram muy cruel y qhora enterrarlos vivos.
    No hay derecho hay que detenerlos y hacerles el boicot.
    no yendo a sus paises y no consumiendo sus cosas. etc.

  14. Chuinos, japoneses, coreanos …..etc.
    Todos son muy crueles con los animales de todo tipo.
    Como si no sintieran.
    Les quitan piel, frien vivos y matan muy cruelmente.
    No hay derecho.
    Hagamos boicot a esos paises.

  15. Otra atrocidad del ser ¿¿”humano”??

  16. dios 😦

  17. Our Bible says if you are cruel to animals they will terrorize you in Hell. These people are sick sick sick. Whatever you do on this earth will come back to you ten fold.

  18. You can judge a country by the way it treats its animals – Ghandi – how
    very true!!!!

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