Serbia: Smederevo – Information of the Real Situation Now Supplied to SAV by a Serbian Campaigner.

Smederevo – the actual ,existing reality of the situation in Smederevo today as supplied by a Serbian campaigner. 

E mailed to SAV on 09/01/2010 after the publication of our following post:



The mail reads as follows:


Hi Mark  


Mr. Devecerski – the communal inspector and the Smederevo authorities want to continue to act in agreement to old and nonvalid laws. They did not read the new laws which are valid from 2.11.2005.


Under the new Serbian law : the killing unwanted dogs and cats IS forbidden , and it is punishable by Article 269. of the Serbian Criminal Code – up to 3 years jail sentence. 


The only lawful way for the stable control of the number of stray dogs/cats in population is sterilisastion of all owned pets and punishment for irresponsible ownership; NOT simply by killing dogs and cats but by the prevention of unwanted births in the first place – and that is sterilisation.


Mr Devecerski and the Smederevo authorities are responsible for the high number of stray dogs on the Smederevo streets, for continued animal suffering, for the citizens violation and also for irresponsible spending of many millions of taxpayers dinars.

And because they are still not able solve this problem they want to continue killing animals, but killing IS forbidden – and so they also violate human rights by non-implementation of existing, valid laws, but have continued plans to carry on with unlawful actions.
Criminal charges will be made against Mr. Devecerski and his co-workers.

Maybe he and some Smederevo authorities will be the first who will be punished .We hope so.


Mr Devecerski has read and still works to old, non-valid illegal laws from 1991.  Pravilnik 29/94 which he also currently uses is a non-existing law now.


We will bring a Criminal chatge against  Mr. Devecerski, because  he has sent to the public  the wrong  information about  what  is currently, under existing Serbian law, lawful and what is unlawful acts.  Mr. Devecerski is paid for  giving  to the public the right information and for  correct implementation  of existing and valid laws;  for the prevention of the high number of stray dogs on the streets by implementing these current existing laws..


The high number of stray dogs on the streets is a consequence of current unlawful actions by Mr .Devecerski and others in authority.


There is here again : CORRUPTION on the scene.



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