Turkey: Terrible Animal Attrocities Commited by the Kadir Topbaş Hasdal Shelter, Istanbul; a Shelter Funded Via the EU – EU You Need to Investigate Your Spending; We Dont Accept Our Money Being Spent on Causing Animal Suffering !!!


CONGRATULATIONS EU…..You gave money to the administration of Istanbul to build a “standard” shelter….and LOOK AT THE HORROR INSIDE….

HOW ABOUT the EU investigating and requiring them to be held accountable for every EURO spent on this living hell hole for animals !


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Please click on this link (above) and also watch the video footage.

With utmost respect and thanks from SAV to ‘Lets Adopt !’ for all their work in highlighting animal suffering in Turkey, and for saving lives !!



It’s an early morning in Istanbul.

The Istanbul Municipality van drives through a lonely road in a village far away from Istanbul. In the back, shaken and terrified, 5 stray dogs violently hit the walls with each bump of the road. The barks and screams can be heard by every villager en route.

Upon arriving to an isolated location the Municipal drivers brutally unload the frightened animals onto the side of the road.

Two of the animals are in good condition but the other three barely have any strength to move. Mila is one of them. Too weak to move she lies on the grass, waiting to die.

We were there.

Mila – Dumped and Near Death on the Roadside

The entire event was caught on camera as part of an on-going investigation by Let’s Adopt! into the atrocities commited by Kadir Topbaş Hasdal shelter and the Municipality’s well documented practice of dumping dogs in the forests and deserted locations.

The events of that morning, together with undercover footage obtained by Let’s Adopt! proves, beyond any shade of doubt, the blatant disregard for the Law by Kadir Topbaş team and the constant and sustained lies of the Municipality to the Press and the general public.

It was barely weeks ago that the brutal killing of a cat made the entire turkish society get up in arms in rejection of animal cruelty.  The events and practices that have come to light show a different kind of cruelty, one no less brutal and affecting to a much larger number of animals, and cast serious doubts over the credibility and honesty of Kadir Topbas and his administration.

In recent months the European Union has granted the Istanbul Municipality large amounts of money in order to improve their sheltering practices, with a shelter currently being built in Istanbul with European Union funds.

European Union officials declare to be totally unaware and shocked by these practices. The scandal threatens to bring European Union funding to a halt.

Kadir Topbaş and the Istanbul Municipality deny any wrongdoing and claim the footage and the scandal to be fabrications. We let you be the judge of that.


P.S. Mila died this morning after spending a week in intensive care.


Sample letter Contact details

cevkom@tbmm.gov.tr; bulent.arinc@tbmm.gov.tr; agul@abdullahgul.gen.tr; kayhan.kavas@icisleri.gov.tr; bilgi@basbakanlik.gov.tr;


Dear Mayor,

It is without doubt that I assert that this e-mail is but one of many that your office has received in connection with the abject squalor that is Hasdal Rehabilitation Center. I am also certain that a number of these communications are coming your way from well beyond the reaches of Turkey.

The brotherhood and sisterhood of those who truly love animals and are steadfast in seeing conditions minimally suitable for them at the very least (if not exceeding this state) is an international one, and clearly, attention has been focused sharply on the blemish on the face of Istanbul that is Hasdal. Animals sleeping among others which are dead, injured, and / or very ill. Dogs with no alternative other than to wander among their own feces and vomit. These are the images that are emanating from the municipality over which you have been elected and given a degree of domain. It goes without saying that this does not reflect well at all on what is to be your legacy.

The video evidence clearly and unequivocally demonstrates flagrant violations of Animal Protection Law 5199 (June 24, 2004), In pertinent part: Part I, Chapter 1, Articles (a), (c), (d), (g), (h), and (j). I would respectfully suggest personal research into these matters.

Turkey prides itself on being a nation of animal lovers. It is truly my hope that the awareness currently being served upon you through various world locales prompts you to uphold the laws that are part and parcel to the government to which you were elected on the local level.

I submit this to you with the utmost respect and seriousness.






Kadir Topbaş: Scandal at the Hasdal shelter « MyLetsAdopt !

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10 Responses

  1. This is appalling! Is there no control how EU grants are spent??? These poor creatures would be better dead!!! Though the availability of humane destruction in Turkey I imagine is higly unlikely.

  2. If you only new how much I hate animal abusers, you would not dare to treat them this way. Every morning I wake up with a curse on my lips, every night I dream of liberty, every moment of my life, I pray for justice for these poor forgotten animals. DO SOMETHING!

    • Totally agree with you Lisa, I am sick of all this abuse of animals these evil bastards need sorting out. I have lots of unwanted animals that I have taken in and today I found a male duck with gunshot wounds but got to him to late and he died. They pheasant shoot near me and they are at it today and obviously this duck was a target. Like you I HATE the evil scum that abuse animals and if I had a gun I could quite easily shoot any abuser.

  3. i wish i could unsee this pictures. This is one instance where putting those bastards who did that out of their misery would be justified.

  4. OMG these evil bastrads that have done this and are still doing it should be hung by their balls till they drop off and then be hung by the neck untill dead. People like these are no good to society at all so should be put out of their misery, what an evil world we live in.

  5. This is horrific and sick beyond belief ! The very person supposed to be giving these dogs sanctuary is killing them. He needs jailing for the rest of his miserable existance.!

  6. You want these barbarians to become a member of the European union you give them money to help become sadistic murderers. Why stop there? I must say I am utterly disgusted with the bastards responsibel for these henious crimes against innocent animals. Anyone capabel of such wanton cruelty can do the same to humans the step is not that far to let these poor dogs suffer like that is beyond me. Sincerly Lisbeth Mønsted Larsen Greyhound Action Denmark.

  7. Thats a bunch of SHIT. There is no animal that deserves that treatment . I think the ones behind letting them get this way sld be treated and taking care of in the same manor these helpless animals are being. It wld change.

  8. What the hell is wrong with the people who work in this hell hole for animals your there to help them not torture them

  9. Szczególnie dobry wpis, polecam wszystkim Plac zabaw

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