Serbia: Critical situation – Baby deer taken by hunters and may be killed and eaten !

Full SAV post to be issued on 9/8/14.

This posted onto SAV Facebook tonight – 8/8/14.

Critical situation – Baby deer taken by hunters and may be killed and eaten !

See video at:>


Minister of Police  011 314-83-64; 011 314-83-65; факс 011 314-85-35


and of Direktor of Serbian police. 011 313-96-58; 011 313-96-57; факс 011 313-98-87


Maybe You can call Director of Serbian police ? , I am desperate.
Police inspector in that village Cicevac 1.8.2014. did do unlawful
assistention to hunters and hunters took baby deer from mrs Dragana
Mitic who has rescue baby deer and care about .

Now deer is by hunters ,
and they gave seldom agreement to mrs Dragana visit deer, she wrote deer is hungry and in worse condition and in very danger and bad place, nobody care, nobody give food, even hunters gave to deer bad milck – deer can die or would be slaughtered.
Police officer of village Cicevac acted in opposite to laws, hunters acted
in opposite to laws- they have not registered asylum for wild animals in
danger .Mrs Dragana Mitic can ask agreement by Ministerium but she did not know about this possibility – and she would ask registration because she has good place and she would receive Ministerium agreement very easy.
Thanks. Regards.
Slavica Mazak Beslic

E mail –

EPAR /Alijansa za zastitu prirode,prava zivotinja i prava ljudi
24000 Subotica,Matka Vukovica,9

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