Serbia: ‘Nani’ Deer Update 6/10/14. EU MEP Now Asked For Legal Advice Against Serbian Minister Due To Non Compliance With Serbian Animal Welfare Legislation.

Serbian  Flag

UPDATE ‘NANI’ 6/10/14



The current situation with Nani the deer is not good.  As you can see from the photographs below showing the conditions; Nani is not being looked after by the hunters very well at all – what would we expect ? !!

Today we at SAV have been in contact with the EU regarding the situation and the (still) lack of decision / action by Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic; who originally had 30 days for acting  in agreement to Article 58 of the Serbian Law of animal welfare in relation to making a decision about what was going to happen to Nani.

We are now asking the Enlargement Commission of the EU to seriously consider Serbia’s lack of action to ‘enforce its own law’ – enforcing a nations own ‘rules of law’ a fundamental requirement of any state seeking EU membership for the future.

In addition, we have telephoned the office of a UK MEP and asked them to advise us if we are now able (as another European member) to take legal action against the Serbian Agriculture Ministry for not acting in agreement to Article 58. of Serbian Law of animal welfare, which requires a response (in this case, for Nani) within 30 days.

See also:  

The Serbian President has even written to the Serbian Agriculture Ministry regarding the situation of Nani the deer; but to date, we still have had no response from Agriculture.  See the letter from the President to EPAR informing them of the situation and the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture at:

We are hoping to hear back from the EU in London today (6/10/14) regarding how we can further progress regarding the issue of Nani; as Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic does not appear to be capable of complying with any rules of Serbian law. The 30 day final decision time was passed several weeks ago.  If this is the case, that Serbia cannot even enforce it own laws within Serbia, then the EU needs to be reminded of this situation; and it has been today.

Here below are the latest photographs of Nani and the conditions it is currently living in at present at the facility of the hunters.  These pictures are also being forwarded to the EU today to further support our claim that Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic is not complying with Serbian law or that required for Serbia to become a future member of the EU.

Nani should be returned to Mrs. Mitic immediately for her to become the adoptive parent she was after hunters killed the mother of Nani.

It is not asking the world, but Minister Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic seems to delay ever having to make a very simple decision.  It is now time she made a decision in favour of returning Nani to Mrs. Mitic as the gaurdian / parent.














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