UK: League Against Cruel Sports (LACS)

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The League Against Cruel Sports was established in 1924 and campaigns to end cruelty to animals in sport.


Horror of Hunting – Celebrity Reactions

Thirteen years on from legislation intended to ban fox hunting in Scotland, a League Against Cruel Sports Scotland investigation provides video evidence that the practice of hunting foxes with dogs appears to be continuing in the Scottish countryside in much the same way that it did before the ban, with the same rituals and cruelty.

Exposé: Death Pit in the Countryside – Investigation 2015

Published on 15 Apr 2015

The annual slaughter of migratory birds in Malta has begun. The League travelled into hunting territory early in the morning to monitor the shooting and be on the look out for any illegal activity.

This so-called Prime Minister (David Cameron) wishes to overturn the hunting ban and allow the killing of British wildlife for fun – we say ‘You Dickhead’.

cameron hunter

cameron hitler

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