Serbia: Critical Situation – Lina’s Animal Rescue – 23 Dogs In Need Of Help.

Serbian  Flag

Food 11 August


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PLEASE SHARE, HELP… VERY URGENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last month, we had no food nor in two weeks … now we have no food, dogs are hungry , and that is why we have a big problem…

Lina’s Animal Rescue is a small shelter bursting with 23 dog now saved from the streets and public shelter in Coka, Serbia.

Some of them are ill and require urgent veterinary care. Some are seniors and cannot survive on their own. There are also puppies and disabled dog. Also , we have dogs who eat special food because they are ill. There is also 19 dogs in boarding kennel.

Please help us to buy medicine and food for them. Each month is a struggle. Please share our story and give what you can, no gift is too small.

We are in constant need of funds to maintain these animals.

Thank You – Please try to help the animals.  Every little bit helps.

free goth 23

Donation Link –







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