Live Exports – Europe’s Youngest Victims.




Picture – CIWF.

Live Exports – Europe’s Youngest Victims.

CIWF statement

We are appalled by the findings of our latest investigation into live animal exports from the EU, which we carried out in partnership with Animal Welfare Foundation and Tierschutzbund Zürich.

Our evidence shows that as long as this cruel trade in live animals is allowed to continue, young calves will suffer.   Compassion’s patron, Peter Egan, will now tell you more in our latest investigation film:  

Can you help make this a citizen movement that Europe’s policy makers simply cannot ignore? Please share our investigation and petition with your friends and family either by sharing the URL and message below:

4,000 kilometres is a long way for any animal to be sent just to be ‘fattened’ and slaughtered. But for an unweaned calf, just a few weeks old, this journey from Europe to Israel is one of immeasurable suffering.

Please join me and call on the European Commission to ban the trade in farm animals to countries outside the EU – once and for all.

The following link does include a petition to sign calling for a ban to live animal exports:  

Please give your support to this very important issue of animal welfare – thank you.  SAV.





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