Site Tidy Up.

As you can see from the tabs and the site; there has been a bit of a cleanup today.

Nothing has actually been deleted but instead has been stored in archive.

The photos of the gorgeous girls have been removed, but you can still see small versions at the end of some posts to brighten up the day.

We will still have some ‘time outs’ now and again just to give us a break from the cruelty.  We hope you agree and think that things are better on the refined version – let us know via the ‘contact’ tab – it will be interesting to see if views go up or down as a result of the changes.  We monitor visits every day and know how many visitors we get.

Lets see how it goes; for better or worse.  As we say, things are in archive and so can be re posted if demand calls for it.

Regards SAV.

Please stick  with us; there are still clean up changes to do; we hope to incorporate everything over the next few days.

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