Serbia: Please Help The Street Family.

Serbian Flag

street family


The money that is being asked to help this family is not a lot – we have donated this morning.

If everyone gave just a few Euros then we would reach the target within seconds.  Please try to help by giving anything you can.

If you click on the youcaring link below then you can see lots more photographs.  Thank you  

Message  –  Please, help!!!!

This baby and mom tomorrow go back on the street, unfortunately there was no money for food or to accommodate and we have another 15 dogs that are hungry.

The last three days brought us new and big problems … A young dog from the street, girl named Dumbo, which has lost an eye due to a kick now has severe wound infection ..

Vet is struggling to keep the other eye and to save her life ……  

We found mom and her five puppies thrown out in the street today, somebody threw them in the rain, in a small cardboard box…

for Dumbo and for this little family we urgently need help.. We need mone for treatment costs, for accommodation and food, and vaccines for babies and sterilization for mommy.

Vaccines for five babies are about 30 euros, 35 euros is sterilization for their mother, Dumbo’s treatment is about 40 euros and accommodation and food for a small family for month  its about 50 euros, a total of 155 euros…

We still didn’t pay our old debt and new problems are hitting hard…  I don’t even have will for life today, and I have these little snouts looking at me, waiting for help…  

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