England: Should Fox Hunting Be Legal ? – A New Poll Shows 83% Of The British Public Say ‘NO’.


LACS Poll box day

For non UK supporters – Boxing Day (26/12) is traditionally the day of the year in the UK (especially England) when hunts go out after Christmas.  They parade through villages and towns in an attempt to gain support from the public.  Anti hunt protesters, sabs and the public opposed to hunting always show up in force to make their point of the case also.



If hunting is a form of wildlife control as the hunts always say, then why keep foxes in sheds ready to hunt in the future as shown in the first video above ?

There is nothing about hunting that is anything to do with wildlife control; it is simply a blood lust of some people.

Fortunately the British public have shown their feelings about this in a new poll released on 26/12/15.

Photo below – The reality of the fox hunt

East Kent


Dear Mark

Today (26/12), across Britain, huntsmen and women are showcasing their call for the Hunting Act to be scrapped and for the cruelty of hunting with dogs for sport to be legalised again. 

But we were ready to challenge their calls for cruelty. New polling released today shows that a record breaking 83% of the public are opposed to fox hunting becoming legal again.

Despite the pro-hunt lobby claims that it is just ‘townies’ and ‘animal rights’ people opposed to hunting, this same poll showed that in fact more people are opposed to hunting in rural areas (84%) than they are in urban areas (82%). Another myth and lie of the hunters abolished! 

Also, 85% of the public do not want deer hunting to become legal again and 87% do not want hare hunting / coursing to become legal again. The polling shows once again that opposition to these cruel sports remains at an all time high. 

One of the most important numbers released today comes from separate analysis carried out by the League which shows a massive rise in opposition to legalising hunting from Conservative MPs.

At least 50 Conservative MPs have clearly stated in public that they will oppose a repeal of the ban on hunting. At least 20 others have indicated they would oppose repeal in private. Compare these numbers to just 6 Conservative MPs who supported the Hunting Act when it was brought in 11 years ago and you get a clear picture of the growing support for the Hunting Act.

We can only hope that all of this means that Boxing Day 2015 will be the last hooray of hunters in their attempts to legalise their cruelty. Regardless, the League Against Cruel Sports remains ever vigilant and we will do everything we can to stop the hunters. 

None of this work could be possible without your support Mark. We would love if today you might consider donating to our Boxing Day Appeal to ensure that in 2016 our campaign to defend the Hunting Act and the animals it protects is as strong as can be.

Thank you so much for your support,

Kind regards,

Mark McCormick

Senior Communications Officer – LACS.



Serbia: Young Tony.

Serbian Flag


felix cartoon 2


Danica Mirkovic:

At the age of around three months, Tony found himself in someone’s yard all alone, with no idea how he got there. A nice cat loving old lady took him in but he was way too mischievous for her to handle, plus she already had her own cats, so she turned to us for help.



He arrived at the shelter in October, a little black soft furry creature that fit in straight away, he befriended Chantal and Hannah and has been living his carefree life of a spoiled kitty ever since, running around, eating, sleeping and having fun.


Although he was abandoned when he was still a baby and seemed to be just one of many confused little ones with an uncertain future, Tony has started off on the right paw and will hopefully have many wonderful years ahead here with us.

Any donation to help the cats can be made via the following link; thank you.


For alternative ways to donate:

PayPal button is on our blog:


and our website: 




Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96









England: Christmas Messages From Our Animal Buddies.


We wan to share with you some of the Christmas messages which have been sent from animal buddies.  There is no special order of preference – it is just the way the computer wants to do it !

Please have a special look at the super news from our pals at save the Pozega dogs.


four paws



Our supporters raised over £14,000 for the FOUR PAWS Christmas campaign! Mark, we simply couldn’t have done it without you.

Wishing you a warm and (very) cozy Christmas and a happy New Year! All the best,  

FOUR PAWS UK and the Belitsa bears.

Project Coyote

Dear Mark,

Wishing you and your loved ones a warm and peaceful holiday.

Thank you for your steadfast support in 2015 and for helping us achieve many tangible victories for wildlife. We’re excited for many more victories in 2016 and to continuing to work together to make compassionate coexistence a reality.

Warm wishes,

~The Project Coyote Team

Project Coyote logo


Danica MirkovicMilanče – Cat Rescue Shelter Felix

May your home be filled with joy and laughter and may your hearts be filled with love and warmth.

Wishing you all the merriest Christmas ever!


 Pozega Dogs


 What a year. From the low points, the loss of poor Stepa and Flekica/aka Spotty, to the wonderful adoptions of some our longest termers, Copper, Elsa, Zen, Jazz, the list goes on, its been one heck of a year!!!

And without every single one of our amazing people, who are the kindest, most caring, considerate, compassionate human beings, we would be nothing without you.

Everything we do, everything we have achieved this year is because YOU were all involved in some way. From sharing, donating, commenting, and fund raising for our dogs. You have touched our hearts in ways that astound us every day.

We wanted to thank each and every one of you (members, supporters and adopters) for your wonderful contributions to our dogs, our page, and our group.

So, so, so many to mention but please rest assured you are so very very much appreciated. Teamwork, always. It works.

Please keep supporting us, please keep sharing our page and our cause and please know how deeply grateful we are to each one of you.


Our dogs are safe and warm with their wonderful beds and heat lamps thanks to you all.

With love and gratitude we would like to send most sincere wishes of happiness to you and your families this Christmas.

Yours truly, – Help Pozega Dogs Team


animal equality


I want to take a few moments today to wish you a very happy holiday from everyone at Animal Equality.

Thank you for everything you do for animals,

Sharon Nuñez

International Director – Animal Equality.

101216-F-5985C-145 U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Bobbie Ohm walks with Nero, a working military dog, to search for explosives during a joint explosive detection training exercise at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., on Dec. 16, 2010. Ohm, a military working dog handler, is assigned to the 99th Security Forces Squadron. DoD photo by Senior Airman Brett Clashman, U.S. Air Force. (Released)

U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Bobbie Ohm walks with Nero, a working military dog, to search for explosives during a joint explosive detection training exercise at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., on Dec. 16, 2010. Ohm, a military working dog handler, is assigned to the 99th Security Forces Squadron. DoD photo by Senior Airman Brett Clashman, U.S. Air Force. (Released)

We’d like to wish the entire ForceChange community a happy holidays!

Let’s look back on the year and celebrate some of the wonderful successes we’ve seen in 2015, starting with the happy news that U.S. military dogs will be sent home.

Thank you for all of your support this year and we are looking forward to an even more successful year to come!

Here are more of our exciting success stories of the year: Nigeria Outlaws Female Genital Mutilation

Germany Bans Grinding Up Chicks Alive

Marine Life Saved From Navy Training

Woman Imprisoned for Watching Sports Freed

Wetlands and Tribal Lands Saved from Mining

Obama Shuts Down Arctic Drilling

14-Year-Old Girl Returned to Family

Canada Opens Borders to 25,000 Syrian Refugees

South Korea to End Cosmetic Animal Testing

Internet Declared Open for All

Golden retriever puppies, three weeks old.

Golden retriever puppies, three weeks old.

From the Board and Staff of World Animal Protection


Colleague and Friend,

I wish you all a beautiful and happy 2016 full of personal and professional success shared in the joy with your families and Teams.

Warm Regards,

Amal El Bekri

Marrakech / Maroc


dr hawden trusthawden tust 2

We’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and to thank you for supporting us this year!

We’ve had a great year and that’s down to you, our wonderful supporters.

  • In January, you raised over £4,000 for our ‘Pound for a Hound’ campaign and we registered as a charity in Scotland.

  • In February, hundreds of our Facebook followers changed their profile picture to show their love for the Dr Hadwen Trust and we published the first issue of our newly named magazine ‘Replacement News‘.

  • In March, our trustees approved a business plan to open our first shop.

  • In April our Facebook post about the non-animal cancer research we fund reached an incredible 347,000 people!

  • In May we announced the funding of 14 Summer Studentships. The research covered a wide range of research from tuberculosis to prostate cancer.

  • In June we were delighted to welcome the wonderful actor, and animal advocate, Peter Egan, as our new Patron.

  • In July you helped raise £5,657 towards fitting out our new shop.

  • In August we opened the first vegan charity shopfor a national charity!

  • In September we announced the funding of two exciting new projects – one into diabetes and the other into pain.

  • In October we welcomed Charlotte and Fern, two new young trustees, to our board.

  • In November we launched our latest campaign, The Grand Challenge, to fund human-relevant brain tumour research.

  • In December, we hosted our second Animal Replacement Scienceconference in London. It was a resounding success with lively discussions about the future of non-animal research.

Whether it was fundraising, making a donation or just spreading the word about our work, a BIG THANK YOU.

With your help, we can keep funding the best medical research to benefit human health and to save animals from the lab.


Dear Mark

Because of the huge number of animals killed I do not celebrate Christmas , but these days I think the days of  the deepest sorrow , and I think of all those dead animals.  All these empty phrases about mercy ,  about Jesus ,Christmas and love each other , and both love  each others but do slaughter innocent beings,   their love sound too hypocritical and only deepened my shame.

That are the days of my greatest sorrow.

I wish You happy  and successful new year and  good  health.

p.s.  Vesna and  I – we work very hard here.

Happy and successful new year , a dream come true.

Kind regards.



Two curious young Polar bears (Ursus maritimus), Barter Island, off the 1002 area of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, North Slope of the Brooks Range, Alaska.

Two curious young Polar bears (Ursus maritimus), Barter Island, off the 1002 area of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, North Slope of the Brooks Range, Alaska.

As 2015 comes to a close, we want to thank you for your support and wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday season. WWF.



Dear Mr Johnson,

You and other kind people can change the world for animals. Take Phil, for instance. He was able to experience many happy Christmases because caring people took action.

Like most pigs, Phil loved foraging and rolling around in the grass. But he was raised to be slaughtered for food. One day, Phil was attacked by teenagers on his farm. They hit his sensitive ears and snout while he squealed in pain.

PETA US helped prosecute Phil’s attackers and persuaded the farm owners to let him be adopted. He lived out the rest of his happy days on a sanctuary, safe and loved by the humans there.

Our campaigns and those of our international affiliates are helping people to see that pigs like Phil are wonderful, complex individuals, not chops, ham sandwich fillings or bacon. I’m truly grateful for all that you do on behalf of pigs and other animals as a committed PETA supporter. Your compassion means the world to our work – and it makes a tremendous difference for the animals we help every day.




animal;s asia

Dear Mark,

Wishing you a warm and joyful Christmas and a wonderful year ahead.

It’s been another amazing year for the animals thanks to your kind support. In 2015, we rescued over 40 bears and ENDED BILE FARMING FOREVER in one Vietnamese province.

To thank you for all your generous support over the past 12 months, I’d like to share with you a wonderful video of the bears enjoying their Christmas treat of fruity mince pies! Please go to my blog to watch the bears. I could watch these beautiful animals all day, some scampering through their enclosures or climbing high to sniff out their favourite fruity treats…. Others shuffling though the grass poking eager noses into hollow logs and haystacks. All with the sun on their backs and freedom in their hearts… the brutal bile farms a world away.

Thank you for giving these bears the chance to experience freedom and joy!

One of these bears is orphaned cub Murphy. He’s spending his first Christmas with us – and that means his first mince pie party!

Please send Murphy’s Christmas e-card on to your family and friends – and ask them to send it on too. Spreading the message about the bears really does help – a huge thank you for being their voice. With bear hugs and blessings,


Jill Robinson MBE,

Dr med vet hc, Hon LLD Founder and CEO

AA Sarah


AA bear rescue



world parrot trust

Carmen A




caps christmas tigerthanks wolves win


Nis shelter 2


Have a great holiday period everyone; and thanks for all your support.

beautiful wolf picture

SAV Logo Blue by Paola

Work to do - Lazy Staff

I dream of my friends the Wolves

– and hope they keep safe !




12 years in prison for peacefully protesting and contacting people outside Tibet…

free tibet 3

12 years in prison for peacefully protesting and contacting people outside Tibet…

Free Tibet – London – http://www.freetibet.org/

Tsan campaign


Tsangyang Gyatso

Age: Unknown

Reason for imprisonment: Tsangyang Gyatso has been charged for “separatist” activities, such as – having contact with people outside Tibet and China and plotting to protest with other monks against the Chinese Communist government.

Detained: 17 March 2014

Sentence: 12 years

Location: Chushul Prison, Tibet Autonomous Region

About: Tsangyang Gyatso is a senior monk and chant leader from Drilda Monastery, Sog County, TAR

– See more at:


FT robbed resistors

As part of Robed Resisters campaign we’re working hard to obtain information from Tibet about individual religious political prisoners. We can use that information to give prisoners hope, to challenge the abuses they face in prison and press for them to be freed.

Can you help us? We’ll be regularly highlighting different cases and this month we’re focusing on Tsangyang Gyatso:

Tsangyang Gyatso is a senior and highly respected monk from central Tibet. He was arrested in March 2014 and later that year sentenced to 12 years in prison for carrying out “separatist” activities – allegedly having contact with people outside of Tibet and meeting with other monks to organise protests.

Tibetan monks and nuns like Tsangyang Gyatso continue to play central roles in standing up to China’s oppression.

Earlier this month we learnt that two teenaged monks have received sentences of several years after peaceful protests.

Both had been missing since their arrests in March. Fearful of Tibetan resistance, China continues to target monks and nuns.

Please join us in supporting Tibet’s Robed Resisters.

D Lama Tibet

cameron china 7

Free Tibet – London – http://www.freetibet.org/






USA: 57 Brutally Massacred Dogs Deserve Justice. Petition.



57 Brutally Massacred Dogs Deserve Justice



Target: Searcy County Sheriff Joey Pruitt

Goal: Punish those responsible for the poisoning and shooting of 61 dogs to the fullest extent of the law.

Several dozen dead dogs were recently found in the Searcy County, Arkansas woods. Two men from a logging company stumbled upon the scene, which included not only dead, bullet-riddled corpses, but a few live animals that were shot and left to die.

A search of the area by police and Searcy County Humane Society staff revealed 57 dead dogs and four live ones, one of which had to be euthanized due to its extreme injuries.

Investigators suspect that the dogs were poisoned until they were immobilized, and then shot. According to Searcy County Sheriff Joey Pruitt, no dogs have gone missing from the immediate area. Some suspect that the dogs could be from an animal hoarder’s home, fighting rings, or a failed puppy mill operation. According to officials, the perpetrator of this crime could face felony animal cruelty charges.

Humane society staff are still trying to rescue the surviving dogs by luring them with food. They are skittish around humans, getting up to run away despite massive injuries. One of the survivors, a male, is currently at the shelter recovering from a bullet wound to the shoulder and will soon be ready for adoption.

In order to stop these barbaric killings, it is imperative that police and animal welfare investigators work together to quickly apprehend the person or people responsible. Due to the shocking severity of the crime, the perpetrator should be punished to the full extent of the law. Sign the petition below to demand that the sheriff file felony charges against this brutal murderer.


Dear Sheriff Joey Pruitt,

Recently, the bullet-riddled bodies of 57 dogs were found in a remote area of Searcy County forest. The dogs are believed to have been poisoned before they were shot in order to render them immobile. Four dogs were found alive, though one was euthanized due to its poor health. As there have been no reports of stolen dogs, it is suspected that the dogs may have come from the home of an animal hoarder, a failed breeding operation, or even a dog fighting ring.

This crime is incredibly shocking due to the sheer number of animals killed. In order to stop the person responsible from killing more animals, it is imperative that they are found as quickly as possible. We, the undersigned, urge you to pursue the harshest possible charges against the perpetrator of this barbaric crime.


[Your Name Here]



My dream: No cages, no slaughterhouses.

My dream: No cages, no slaughterhouses


Sometime, dreams do come true !

Serbia: The Mushroom Pups Looking For A Home. A dog is for life; NOT just for Christmas.

Serbian  Flag

A dog is for life; NOT just for Christmas.

Natasa Lukovic

Anyone wants a flying dog this is Holly, a year old beautiful girl; she also has a brother (please look at the photos in this album).they are both looking for a home (together or apart). Contact me if interested, and please share.

mushroom 1

mushroom 2

mushroom 3

mushroom 5

Check out lots more news and photos at:


mushroom 4

Holly and Buddy (mushrooms pups) are looking for a home

Updated 4 hours ago

23.12.15. update Holly and Buddy are brother and sister about a year old. Very friendly and cuddly, medium size dogs (Buddy is slightly bigger then Holly). They go well with other dogs, cats and adore children. Fully vaccinated and spay/ neutered,. looking for a homes. mushrooms are sponsored by Natalie Manning.

Thank you xx

They are now fully vaccinated .A boy and a girl, Buddy and Holly. About three and a half months old. went into the woods to look for mushrooms. and I came home with this two. Someone left them in the woods on the way to the mountain. What to say, Left them a great chance to survive; it is a boy and a girl. Tomorrow I’ll know more: how old they are, how much will growing. For now they have no names, I call them ‘mushrooms’. Please if anyone can be a sponsor of these puppies. They need food, pills against parasites, vaccines…

mushroom 6

muchroom 7