Russian Federation: Demand Justice for Tortured Polar Bear Fed Explosives.

Russian federation

polar bear


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SAV Comment – we do not know the eventual fate of the bear.

Demand Justice for Tortured Polar Bear

Target: Yury Chaika, Prosecutor General of Russia

Goal: Find and punish the person who fed a polar bear explosives.

A polar bear suffered greatly after consuming explosives on a construction site.

A video was posted on YouTube displaying the bear writhing in agony and spitting up blood. Though not yet proven, it is believed that a worker on the site deliberately fed the bear the explosives and recorded the result. Demand that Russia find and prosecute the person responsible for the sadistic torture of an innocent animal.

Blood poured from the polar bear’s snout after she ingested explosives allegedly laid out for her by an on-site worker. The widely distributed video shows the bear rolling around in the snow in complete agony.

Authorities believe that the on-duty cook is responsible for this reprehensible action, though nothing has been proven. The bear had become a regular visitor to the construction site in Wrangel Island, Russia. The construction workers often left food out for her. Eventually, the bear began trusting the workers enough to bring her cub along on her regular visits. Fortunately, the cub did not accompany her on this day.

No animal should be tortured for any reason. However, the idea that this was done for amusement is especially horrific. Polar bears are a protected species in Russia and it is illegal to cause deliberate harm to them. The person responsible for the sadistic torture of this animal should receive the maximum penalty by law. Sign below to demand a thorough investigation into this incident and the harshest punishment for the person responsible.


Dear Prosecutor General Chaika,

A mother polar bear was allegedly fed explosives and tortured on a construction site. Per a widely distributed video on YouTube, the bear writhed in agony and blood poured from her snout. We demand that the person responsible for this cruelty be found and reprimanded to the highest degree.

The mother bear and her cub were regular visitors to the construction site in Wrangel Island, Russia. They’d become friendly with the construction workers and even accepted food from them. This trusting relationship was violated when the mother bear consumed explosives on the site. She immediately expelled blood from her nose and ran around in evident pain. Luckily, her cub was not on site at the time of the incident.

If this incident was a deliberate act of torture, it cannot go unpunished.

We demand that you perform a thorough investigation into this incident and impose the maximum punishment on the person responsible.


[Your Name Here]

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