Serbia: 11/1/16 – Some New Pictures Of The Felix Cats.

Serbian  Flag


cartcat2   cartcat 1

You should have told me the white stuff was cold and wet !


Youcaring safe site-

As you can see from the photos; things have definitely got colder now.

The shelter is down to its last week of gas to keep the cats warm.

No, we wont get down !


Some cats just love too climb, whatever the weather !


We very recently did a post to ask for people to try and give so that a new tank of gas can be purchased – here is the link:

Please give anything that you can – things are now colder and the cats need to be kept warm; especially as some of them are old and frail.

Thank you.

Did someone mention the magic of Winter !


Direct donations if you do not want to see the post mentioned above

:Youcaring safe site-

Danica Mirkovic

Last years’ fuel held up longer than usual, but now the tank’s running low. Please, help to keep the kitties warm!

We Can’t stand being inside all day !




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