England: 1-5/2/16 – Maybe Less Postings For That Week.


Well today is the 28/1, and it marks us posting no less than 50 items on the site this month – which most be something of a top month for us since our foundation all those years ago.

Between the 1st and 5th next month (February); we are having some decorating work undertaken, and so we are not sure how this will impact on what we can get out.  There should not be too many problems as quite a lot is done late into the evening, but, there may be less being put out next week, the first February week.

We are having a new wall mural produced and we are sure it will be pretty amazing – pictures of it to be shown on this site when all is finished on 5/2/16.  All we will say for now is that it is ‘animal related’; naturally.

We will get more posts out in these last few days of January, so please keep visiting us and keep acting on behalf of all the animals who are relying on us to be their voice where it matters.

Thanks – SAV.


SAV Logo Blue by Paola




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