Canada: Hunt Latest – Over 64,000 Harp Seal Pups Killed – Take Action – See Below.




May 6, 2016

Dear Mark,

The seal ‘hunt’ in Canada has taken the lives of over 64,244 harp seal pups.

This is the official figure from Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans, as of May 4th, and excludes seals who were wounded but got away, which officials refer to as “struck and lost.”

Sealers are supposed to kill seals only if they have buyers for their pelts (according to the government), and the two main processors, Carino and PhocaLux Int’l announced that they would purchase a combined total of about 60,000 pelts.

We are investigating whether all 60,000 pelts, plus those that have been stockpiled in past years, will be sold to fur coat manufacturers this year, or whether seals were killed this year in order to add their pelts to stockpiles. We will keep you updated on any information we are able to gather about this.

Please keep speaking out for the seals and please keep boycotting tourism to Canada, especially Atlantic Canada, and seafood from Canada.


 get involved 2  Print

Other ways to help include:

* Send automated emails to Canadian politicians and others.

* Canadians can send special postcards to PM Trudeau without postage. Email us to order these free postcards.

* Distribute leaflets to everyone you know and leave some around town – in doctors’ offices, post offices, libraries, and anywhere people might pick it up and read it. Email us to order these free leaflets.

* Contact us or visit our volunteer page to see other ways you can help. We are looking for committed activists for outreach and officer positions, etc.


Thank you for caring and taking action.

For the seals,

Diana Marmorstein, Ph.D.

Be a walking billboard for the seals with t-shirts and other seal activist gear.

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