China: Peta Exposes Live Geese Plucking For Bedding Producers.


Video –

Dear Mark,

Geese after feathers plucked for down at a feather farm in China.

Geese after feathers plucked for down at a feather farm in China.

PETA and PETA Asia have uncovered shocking cruelty to geese connected with so-called “responsible” down and feather suppliers. The Responsible Down Standard actually allows certified companies to deal in feathers that are live-plucked in addition to the ones that aren’t.

Workers were seen ripping geese’s feathers out while they were fully conscious, leaving open, bloody wounds. Some geese struggled and cried out, while others were paralyzed with fear. Workers pinned them down by stepping on their delicate wings and necks and tightly binding their feet together.

geese live pluck 2 


PETA dug deeper and found that the farms that are live-plucking birds or dealing in live-plucked feathers sell to “Non Live-Plucked Products Guarantee” or “Responsible Down Standard” companies, the same companies that agree to “ensure humane treatment of animals.” One buyer even bragged about misleading customers and live-plucking in secret. These certified companies supply down to clothing and bedding companies such as Eddie Bauer, Lands’ End, and Hollander Sleep Products.

With your help, we can push retailers to remove down from their shelves and put an end to this cruelty. All you have to do is take action today. Thank you.



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