USA: Things Will Get Hotter, Dirtier and More Pollutive Under The New Emperor.



… but you know what USA; you voted for him !!!



Last night, President Trump made his first speech to the joint session of Congress — a speech in which he pledged to work with both parties to “promote clean air and clean water.”

But talk is cheap. Look at what he’s actually doing. Just hours before the speech, Trump issued a new executive order revoking President Obama’s landmark Clean Water Rule, which protects drinking water sources for 117 million Americans.

And his pledge to protect clean air?

His proposed 25% budget cut to the EPA would cripple the agency’s ability to monitor smog and other dangerous pollutants and enforce bedrock environmental laws.

What’s more, Trump affirmed his commitment to bulldoze ahead with the destructive Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelinesdirty fossil fuel projects we know will jeopardize our clean air and water and drive more climate-wrecking carbon pollution.

NRDC is already fighting back on multiple fronts to defend our environment, our climate and our health. And more than ever, we need you to stand with us. Slashing critical funding for the EPA could force the agency to cut 1 in 5 of its employees and make it virtually impossible for the agency to do its job of standing up to industrial polluters, cutting climate pollution and enforcing fundamental laws that protect our air, water and health.

And it’s Trump’s new EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt — a climate denier who filed 14 different lawsuits to undermine the very agency he is now leadingwho’s in charge of our environmental future.

Vital EPA functions could be eliminated by Trump’s and Pruitt’s promised budget cuts, including:

  • Cleaning up oil spills

  • Monitoring and limiting climate-wrecking pollution from power plants and cars and trucks, smog and other air pollutants that threaten our health

  • Implementing energy efficiency programs for appliances, computers and other products

  • Ensuring the safety of chemicals in consumer products and pesticides in our food

  • Protecting our clean air and drinking water, lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands — programs which comprise some 40% of the EPA’s total budget

That’s why it’s up to people like you, me and our 2.6 million NRDC members and activists around the country and around the world to defend our planet and future generations of Americans. Support NRDC as a Monthly Partner and you become the backbone of our grassroots team. Every monthly gift you make is tax-deductible and goes directly toward helping NRDC fight the Trump administration’s anti-environment assault and defend our environment on all fronts.

Nobody voted in November for dirty water, polluted air, and climate chaos.

With your help, we’ll fight as hard as we can to protect our clean air and water, our climate and our health — in the courtroom, in Washington, and in town hall meetings, rallies and local government offices across the country. Please stand with us.

Thank you for your support.


Rhea Suh President, NRDC









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