Japan: Taiji Dolphin Hunt Season Now Ended. 569 Dolphins Slaughtered; 235 Taken Captive.



Dear Mark,

TAIJI – Officials have confirmed the end of the 2016/2017 drive season in Taiji, Japan.

For six months, our Cove Monitors have stood on the shores of the cove to observe and report the hunts, while you have been by our side in unity. Together we have seen dolphins manhandled, injured, captured and slaughtered. Pods have been decimated, all in the interest of profit.

This season, a total of 34 drives took place, involving six species of dolphins. We estimate approximately 569 dolphins were slaughtered, while 235 were taken captive. Many more may have died as a result of the drives themselves, their numbers never recorded.



Those taken captive now face a lifetime of suffering, trapped in tanks and forced to entertain in exchange for dead fish. While the hunts have technically ended, the aftermath of misery continues for those held prisoner in Taiji’s pens and for the ones shipped to marine parks around the world.

Dolphin Project extends a huge “THANK YOU” to those who watched our broadcasts, shared this information and took the pledge NOT to visit a dolphin show, or participate in swim-with programs. We are grateful to each of you who lent your voices in support. We vow to continue our efforts to protect dolphins from abuse and slaughter, and hope you will continue to stand by our side.

Read our full recap here.



Watch the London Taiji demo (with music by the brilliant David Bowie) which took place on Saturday – 16/1/16 by clicking on the following:









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