3/3/17 – Today is World Wildlife Day.


3/3/17 – Today is World Wildlife Day.

Today’s World Wildlife Day theme is “Listen to the young voices.”. Those voices often say: “I want my world to be full of wildlife and wild spaces.”

It’s within our power – yours and mine – to make their dream come true. But Africa’s most iconic species is rocketing toward extinction as poaching, habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict and climate change accelerate. Join us as a monthly donor to safeguard wildlife against these threats.

Our children shouldn’t have to settle for a handful of species surviving only in zoos when once they roamed across Africa. Keep their dreams a reality. Give monthly.

Thank you,

Patrick Bergin, Ph.D
Chief Executive Officer


I can’t imagine it, can you? Africa… without its iconic giraffes?

The fact is, this elegant and graceful species is in serious trouble.

The giraffes’ status was recently downgraded from “least concern” to “vulnerable to extinction.” Habitat loss is the giraffe’s greatest threat. But human-wildlife conflict also reduces their numbers.

Sadly, the tallest species in the world is rarer than scientists previously understood, with numbers plummeting as much as 40 percent in the last 30 years.

There is hope. In Niger, we trained wildlife guides and authorities to increase monitoring, plant seedlings, adjust land use and educate local communities. This helped the critically endangered West African Giraffe build up its population from 200 to 450.

Wildlife protection strategies like this are at work to save beloved species like elephants, lions and gorillas throughout Africa. But we need your help to expand.

Mark, if you’ve been looking for a truly meaningful goal, reach toward this one. Africa’s wildlife is in real danger. But with you at our side each month, we can save giraffes and other iconic species.







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