Bee Defenders and Bee Killers Have Now Finished In Court – Now We Wait For The Verdict By Judges.



Mark, thank you.

Last month, thanks to your donation, the Bee Defenders Alliance were at the European Court of Justice standing up for the bees.

Your donation meant this small group of independent scientists and beekeepers were able to take on the world biggest pesticides companies – Bayer, Syngenta and BASF. The team were all so grateful for your support.

The hearings have now finished and right now the judges are considering the case.


There were some outrageous claims made during the hearings, Syngenta’s corporate lawyers told the court they’re the ones trying to protect the bees – saying the idea they would market a product that harmed bees is “absurd”. They even said their neonic pesticides are so safe you can drink them!*

Thanks to your generosity the Bee Defenders Alliance lawyers were there to call out all of their lies for what they were. They made it clear that neonic pesticides are bad news for bees – and for all of us! This would not have been possible without you, so thank you.

As well as raising money to support the case we delivered over 57,000 messages of support from SumOfUs members to the Bee Defenders Alliance — they were hugely grateful to know there were so many people standing with them.



Here are just a few of the messages:

– “
You’re not just beekeepers, you’re the keepers of our collective future.
– “You have the support of thousands. We are right with you.
– “Thank you for your amazing work and dedication to bees, nature, and our future.
– “Thank you for caring enough for our planet and insects to fight on their behalf. Our future generations owe a debt of gratitude to you.

We’ll get back to you (hopefully with good news!) when the verdict is delivered.

In the meantime thank you for standing up for the bees
Tricia, Wiebke, Liz and the team at SumOfUs

P.s. This was only possible thanks to your support. But there are still battles we need to fight to save the bees. Chip in so that we can keep standing up to the corporate giants putting profit before the environment.

* Please don’t drink pesticide! Drinking even a very small amount can cause significant harm to humans.


Working for Bees – Denise and Mark in front of their ‘Bee Hotel’ (made from drilled logs and individual bamboo canes) which has thousands of individual chambers for bees to lay eggs for new generations.





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