China: Extreme Dealer Cruelty BUT Animals Also Rescued. Support Chinese Activists.

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Note – There are many GOOD animal saviour campaigners in China – this video footage of some of their work.

Please do not judge all of China because of the actions and abuses of some.  This is where we need to pull together to support campaigners in paces like China; get the changes and make the difference.





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  1. There is no difference amoung animal killers and animal abusers all over the World.We all can meet them in our city and in our country – they looks like any other simple humans , they even tallk about love each to others – but they are criminals cosmic proportion, in general.The same thing is with animal lovers-doesn’t metter where they live, or of which nationality or of which religion they are, they respect, love and protect all animals. Animal lovers like animal killers have not nationality, they are just an animal lovers and others are just an animal killers-abusers, and they are always: homo sapiens.

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