Dont Ever Support Holiday Elephant Rides – Here Is Why.

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This Is What Happens Before The Elephant Ride

If you love elephants, just don’t ride them.


It’s called crushing – a practice inflicted on wild elephants to make them carry tourists on their back.

It’s a way of deliberately breaking the spirits of animals so humans can use them. Crushing involves tying up and literally beating an elephant into submission.

“Tourists may think activities like riding an elephant do no harm,” Dr. Jan Schmidt-Burbach, senior wildlife and veterinary adviser at World Animal Protection, told The Dodo in a May 2015 feature on this kind of cruel tourism. “But the brutal truth is that breaking these animals’ spirits to the point that they allow humans to interact with them involves cruelty at every turn.”

While it’s unclear exactly how many elephants endure this torment each year, it’s believed that one of the main threats to elephant populations in Asian habitats is the illegal capture and “training” of young elephants.


The “training crush” often involves taking young elephants away from their mothers and then caging, starving and beating them. Crushing also involves making the constricted elephant stay awake for days.

The practice feeds the tourist industry’s demand for tame elephants, as well as other forms of captivity, like circuses and entertainment. (And, by the way, “training” captive elephants in the U.S., which can involve hitting elephants with painful bull hooks and tying them up with ropes, isn’t any less cruel or debasing.)

While capturing wild elephants is supposed to be illegal, this law is often hard to enforce, and once an elephant has been forced into submission, the laws shift – the elephant is seen in the eyes of the law as a captive animal, no longer wild, and any protections no longer apply.

And once broken, their spirits can never fully be repaired.

To learn how you can help Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary for abused elephants in Thailand, click here.



28/1/18 – Petitions, Petitions, Petitions.

There is way too much here for us to spend hours formatting – so please find as we publish it.

Please sign and support where you can – Thanks SAV.


California – A puppy was beaten, shot and hung from a tree by her leash in a horrific case of animal cruelty. The person responsible is still at large.

Demand justice for this innocent puppy.


More info and petition –




Queensland, Australia – The corpse of a koala bear was nailed to a post, fooling onlookers into believing it was alive until they realized the truth. The culprit took great effort to meticulously nail the dead koala to make the adorable animal appear alive.

Sign this petition to demand that the sicko who did this be found and punished.


More info and petition  –



free translation sites – kostenlose Übersetzungsseiten:

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Adam Meyerson Captain at Sea Shepherd Global

“I don’t care if you are Muslim, Christian, Jewish or Wiccan, if your need to follow your

religion is stronger than your compassion for fellow creatures of this earth, you are no

friend of mine.”

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

Was Du nicht willst, das man Dir tu’, das füg’ auch keinem andern zu.”


Success: Nosey the Elephant Granted Permanent Home at Elephant Sanctuary

Bresche für das Wohl von Zuchtfischen
Eine vom Verein fair-fish lancierte Petition fordert das Fisch-Label ASC auf, den Standard um Tierschutz-Kriterien zu ergänzen und grundsätzlich keine Fischzucht in Netzkäfigen mehr zu akzeptieren. Sie ist kürzlich eingereicht worden und wird vom ASC positiv aufgenommen.


Conservation groups sue to protect right whales


Monsanto’s dirty fingerprints all over this

Eastern U.S. cougar declared extinct 80 years after last sighting

222 Bird Species Worldwide Now Critically Endangered

Pesticides threaten salmon & whales, too

Petitions – protests – sample letters


Stop the Illegal Orangutan Trade!

Orangutans are subjected to immense cruelty as part of the illegal pet trade.
We must act now to end this trade and save these animals.

Ready, Set, Ban! End the Dog & Cat Meat Trade in South Korea

End the Imprisonment of Big Cats

AWI eAlert: Ask the US Government to Deny an Import Permit for a
Black Rhino Trophy

Signatures Needed! Report: American Bison as Species of Conservation Concern

Buffalo Field Campaign is gathering signatures in support of listing America’s last wild buffalo as a species of conservation concern on National Forest lands. Individuals and organizational entities within the U.S. may sign on. Read the report and sign on! Signatures are needed by March 1, 2018


Save the White-Tailed Prairie Dog

Dogs Reportedly Found Starved in Wire Cages With No Shelter Need Justice

Puppy Allegedly Beaten to Death Deserves Justice

Petition: Punish mother who tossed dog in a ditch in front of young girl!

Stop Keeping Sheep in Sweltering Heat to Cruelly Harvest Their Secretions

Punched, Kicked, Slammed to the Ground How Can This Still Be Happening?

Go on a sterilization drive in the city. Too many stray cats and dogs who produce pups and kittens all the time

We can, and must, save those 100 innocent elephants!
Sign your name to demand Zimbabwe stop the sale of baby elephants

Gesendet: Freitag, 26. Januar 2018 um 18:59 Uhr
Von: “Martina Patterson” <>
Betreff: Jetzt nehmen Jäger die Füchse ins Visier von Markus Reutter

Vom 28. Januar bis 4. Februar 2018 ist Fuchswoche im oberen Bregtal. Die intensive Jagd soll den Auerwildbestand erhalten. Geschossen wird verstärkt auch auf anderes Raubwild.

An den Chefredakteur Stefan Lutz

Sehr geehrter Herr Lutz,

der Artikel von Markus Reutter weist eine unfassbare Häufung an Halb- und Fehlinformation auf.;art372517,9590005

Handelt es sich hier um Inkompetenz oder gezielte Fehlinformation der Öffentlichkeit?

Ich bitte um Veröffentlichung der nachfolgenden Fakten:

Die Nahrung des Fuchses besteht hauptsächlich aus Mäusen (ca. 90 %) und anderen Kleinnagern, Würmern und Insekten.
Aber auch Beeren und Früchte nascht er gerne, auf die er im Sommer reichlich zurückgreift. Auch Aas gehört zu seinem Speiseplan.
Damit erfüllt der Fuchs die wichtige Aufgabe der Gesundheitspolizei im Wald.

Warum werden Füchse so gnadenlos verfolgt und getötet?
In Folge wird die Überpopulation von Feldmäusen von Bauern mit giftiger Chemiekeule bekämpft… Informierte Bauern sollten ein großes Interesse daran haben Füchse zu schützen!

Auch die Tollwut ist schon lange kein Thema mehr, denn Deutschland gilt durch Impfaktionen seit Jahren als tollwutfrei, seit 2008!
Die Gefahr durch den Fuchsbandwurm wird weit übertrieben: In ganz Deutschland infizieren sich jährlich etwa 20 Menschen mit dem Fuchsbandwurm (insbesondere Jäger und Landwirte). Das liegt deutlich unter der Wahrscheinlichkeit, vom Blitz getroffen zu werden.

Weitaus mehr Menschen kommen dagegen bei Jagdunfällen zu Schaden…

Bilanz erschreckend: Über 30 Tote durch Jäger 2017

Jäger geben den wahren Grund für die Fuchsjagd offen zu: „Um unser Niederwild zu hegen und wieder gute Strecken an Hasen und Fasanen zu erzielen, dürfen wir nicht nachlassen, seine Beutegreifer zu bejagen.“ Die Jäger töten aus Beuteneid, denn sie dulden keine Jagdkonkurrenten in „ihrem“ Wald.
Und durch die Verwertung des wertvollen Winterfells wollen die Jäger ihrem unsinnigen Tun eine zusätzliche Rechtfertigung geben. Und damit dem Grundsatz § 1 unseres Tierschutzgesetzes: „Niemand darf einem Tier ohne vernünftigen Grund Schmerzen, Leiden oder Schäden zufügen“ genüge tun…

Füchse sind keine Gefahr für den Artenschutz – die Jäger schon Populationsrückgänge betroffener Arten, wie beispielsweise Auerhuhn oder Feldhase, sind überwiegend auf den Lebensraumverlust und das schwindende Nahrungsangebot zurückzuführen. Zudem töten die Jäger in Deutschland selbst jährlich mehr als 200.000 Feldhasen.

Dazu der sehr interessante Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Josef H. Reichholf “Jagd Reguliert nicht”

Weitere Infos:

Ein weiteres Märchen, das von Jägern gerne verbreitet wird: Füchse vermehren sich ungezügelt, wenn sie nicht bejagt werden.
Das ist pure Propaganda zur Rechtfertigung der Fuchsjagd. Wissenschaftler haben in umfangreichen Studien nachgewiesen:
Je weniger Füchse bejagt werden, desto niedriger ist ihre Geburtenrate. Füchse regulieren ihre Bestände also selber.

In Luxemburg wurde das seit 2015 bestehende Jagdverbot erneut verlängert. Die Erfahrungen mit der Vollschonung des Fuchses sind dort – ebenso wie in anderen Gebieten, in denen Füchse nicht bejagt werden – durchweg positiv.

Inzwischen fordert das Aktionsbündnis Fuchs, eine Initiative von inzwischen mehr als 40 deutschen Tier- und Naturschutzorganisationen, eine bundesweite Vollschonung des Rotfuchses.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Martina Patterson





Wildschweine geraten ins Visier

Aktionsbündnis gegen die Fuchsjagd

Kommentar von Martina Gerlach gestern

Der Schuss geht nach hinten los …
Hetz-, Drück-, Treib-, Bewegungsjagden gehören ersatzlos abgeschafft, nicht aber wie jetzt, unter dem Vorwand ASP, noch ausgeweitet und durch finanzielle Vorteile oder Gefälligkeiten wie Abschaffung von Schonzeiten forciert. Das ist der falsche Weg. Es wird suggeriert, dass die Wildtier-Vernichter die Wildschweine zu Massen abknallen müssten, um die Einschleppung oder Ausbreitung der sog. Afrikanischen Schweinepest zu verhindern. Nur die ASP gibt es in Deutschland bisher nicht und andere wichtige Präventionsmaßnahmen scheint man lieber zu unterlassen. Prävention durch Säuberung/Desinfektion, Sauber halten von Rastplätzen ist natürlich nicht so interessant wie Nervenkitzel und Schussgenuss, was noch prämiert wird!
Nicht einmal das FLI bzw. Prof. Mettenleitner verlieren auch nur ein Wort zu Zwangsbeajgung oder Erhöhung dieser wegen ASP.
Aber das Gegenteil von Prävention vor ASP wird durch noch mehr und übergreifenderen Terror gegen Wildtiere bewirkt, denn Blut – Tierblut – ist der effizienteste Übertragungsweg von ASP. Wer sind die Gefährder? Schweinezüchter, Tiertransporteure/Fahrer, Schlachter, Jagdtouristen/Jäger, Letztere nicht selten selbst Schweinezüchter/Nutztierhalter. Diese sorgen vor allem mit Hilfe offensichtlich amtsmissbrauchender Politiker für wirkliche Einschleppung und mögliche Verbreitung mit allen schlimmen Konsequenzen.
Vielmehr wird z.B. vom FLI gewarnt vor illegaler Einfuhr infizierter Schweine und tierischen Nebenprodukten oder indirekten Übertragungswegen (Fahrzeuge, kontaminierten Ausrüstungsgegenständen einschließlich Jagdausrüstungen, landwirtschaftlich genutzten Geräten und Kleidung, tierischen Nebenprodukten, einschließlich Trophäen, also Tierteile ermordeter Wildtiere), die tatsächliches Risiko sind.
Aber von einer Reduzierung der Wildschweinbestände – also Wildtier-Mord gegen Schweinepest gegen ASP – ist weder von Mettenleitner etwas bekannt noch vom FLI, wie Wildtierschutz Deutschland e.V. anführt.
Dafür ist aber bekannt, dass sowohl der DBV, bekanntlich sind viele Nutztierhalter auch Hobby-Jäger, im Gleichklang mit den Jagdverbänden hinter dem Vorwand: Noch mehr Hetzjagden wegen ASP stecken. Da viele Politiker selbst gerne dem Schussgenuss frönen, stoßen sie bei denen mit ihren Lügen natürlich auf offene Ohren. Politik zum Selbstzweck?
Außerdem gäbe es keine Über-Populationen, wenn endlich der legale Wildtier-Mord verboten werden würde. Die Jäger schießen sich ihre Populationen zurecht, zerschießen die Sozialgefüge, schießen die Leitbachen ab, sorgen für Wildschwein-Schwemmen … dazu kommend Mais-Monokulturen und viele andere Fehlleistungen, nicht selten politisch subventioniert.
Jedes Wildschwein, jedes Schwein hat doch wirklich Anstand.

Deutsche Schlachthäuser müssen videoüberwacht werden



alle Links können direkt von unserem Blog angeklickt und geteilt werden via Google+
und Google Mail, Facebook und Twitter:

Ask your MEPs to support European legislation for CCTV in abattoirs.

Bittet Eure Abgeordneten, die europäischen Rechtsvorschriften für die Videoüberwachung in Schlachthöfen zu unterstützen.

Demand Mandatory Cameras in Slaughterhouses

A Call to Action: Psychological Harm in Slaughterhouse Workers

Take action: Nuclear Doomsday clock moves closer to midnight!

ENDANGERED OCEANS – Take Action Against Offshore Drilling

The Trump administration plans to dramatically expand dangerous offshore oil drilling in all our oceans. This includes new oil leasing along the Pacific coast for the first time in more than 30 years, as well as in the remote waters of the Arctic.

Fight Back to #ProtectOurCoasts


Eine riesige Chance: Unterschreiben Sie unsere Petition für das weltgrößte Meeres-Schutzgebiet in der Antarktis, um diese einzigartige Region vor ihrer Zerstörung zu bewahren

Urge your Gov. to ban brain-harming chlorpyrifos

After nearly TWO YEARS, still NO UPDATE in Gerawan workers’ pesticide-spraying case.

Support a Farm Bill for the future

Nestlé hält zu Palmöl-Verbrecher

Nestlé kauft Palmöl von REPSA — einem Konzern, der massive Umweltzerstörung in Guatemala verantwortet.

Dieses Siegel täuscht!

Sign now to bring Jorge Garcia home.

Be the difference! Sei Du der Unterschied!

Please vote / Bitte abstimmen:

A Shocking List of Companies Who Still Test on Animals

Will you continue to use the above products, even if they test on animals? NO!
Do you believe that animal testing is necessary? NO!
Occupy for Animals

This new App will tell you if your makeup and household products have been tested on animals:


Finden Sie tierfreundliche Kosmetik!

Neue Broschüre: “Hinschauen – Gute Gründe für eine Forschung ohne Tierversuche”


Informations and terms – Infos und Termine

Shades of Green: The Meat of the Matter


Ochsen aus Kroatien werden nach 6 Tagen Transport in den Libanon beim vollem Bewusstsein geschlachtet, schrecklich!

Diese Hunde sind starr vor Angst – dabei wäre Hilfe für sie kinderleicht

ARCHE NOAH Bildungsprogramm wächst
Saatgutvermehrung Bio-Gemüse Bio-Obst Seminare in Bayern
After-Work-Shops in Wien Kartoffelvielfalt Gemüseraritäten
Blumen & Kräuter Gärtnern im Topf Pflanzengesundheit

Im Februar startet unsere grosse Vegan-Challenge
VERANSTALTUNGEN ab 30.01. – 18.02.18

International Day of Action for Rivers 2018
Every year on March 14, thousands of people around the world lift their voices to celebrate the world’s rivers and those who struggle to protect them. The International Day of Action for Rivers is a day to celebrate victories such as dam removal and river restoration. It is a day to take to the streets, demonstrate and demand improvements in the policies and practices of decision makers. It is a day to educate one another about the threats facing our rivers, and learn about better water and energy solutions. Above all, it is a day to unite – by acting together, we demonstrate that these issues are not merely local, but global in scope.





March against Monsanto und Syngenta 2018

Samstag, 19. Mai 2018 14:00 – 17:30

Am Samstag den 19. Mai 2018 findet der March against Monsanto & Syngenta
zum vierten Mal in Basel statt.

Bald gibt es mehr Informationen hier oder unter

Kastration und Adoption statt Tötungsstation!
Stoppt das rumänische Hundemassaker!
Das Problem packt man nicht am Schwanz,
sondern man löst es an der Wurzel!

Animal welfare = climate = Environmental Protection = Human
Conclusion: Animal welfare is community involvement and living ethics!

Tierschutz = Klimaschutz = Umweltschutz = Menschenschutz
Fazit: Tierschutz ist soziales Engagement & gelebte Ethik!

Zitat von Dr. rer. nat. Katharina Wirnitzer (PhD)

The meat and dairy drug: not food, not fashion and not a fad – it is a drug
(Philip Wollen)

Philip Wollen über die Notwendigkeit, auf Fleisch zu verzichten.

Philip Wollen: Wasser ist das neue Öl!!! In english + deutsch

„Earthlings changed my life. Had hubby, son and gf watch it that same night. We’ve been full blown vegans for 6 beautiful months. I’m now an activist. Anybody can change. I’m 58 and only wished I would have seen the light much earlier.

Earthlings – Neue Synchronisation auf Deutsch – Komplett

This little girl says NO to meat!
That’s a great message by a little girl. Wisdom must not come with age, it comes from
the heart… Sadly most adults have so many excuses to eat animals.

The ‘Humane Slaughter’ Myth

Why Are These People Crying?

Horror at halal slaughterhouse:
Shocking undercover film shows the ‘needless suffering’
of livestock that are butchered without being stunned first

Slaughtered While Still Conscious

Schlachthof-Hölle in Deutschland

Undercover Schlachthof-Video: Todesschreie der Tiere
Filmaufnahmen aus einem Vorzeige-Bio-Schlachthof

Ein Virus namens “Menschheit”

Out of sight…out of mind…

Sir Paul McCartney Narrates ‘Glass Walls’

The Secret Reason We Eat Meat – Dr. Melanie Joy

Das Klagen der Kühe – Schulversion!

And Then Came Man – Check it Out.

The Faces of Animal Research

Why Animal Testing Doesn’t Work

The failure of animal experiments – an animated educational film

Unsinn Tierversuch – Ein animierter Aufklärungsfilm der Ärzte gegen Tierversuche


Air France und ihr dunkles Geheimnis

Search for brands that DON’T test on animals here: ‪#‎StopAnimalTests

My story …

Hinter den Kulissen der Tierindustrie

Pferdetransport – Quälerei ohne Grenzen

She’s Alive… Beautiful… Finite… Hurting… Worth Dying for!

The price of milk (explain this…)

Undercover Investigation at Hy-Line Hatchery–faib7to

GMO A Go Go: An Animated (and Satiric) Short Film

Cry of the innocent – ein berührendes Video über den Pelzhandel –

Pelz? 60 Sekunden, die jeder gesehen haben sollte
Viele Menschen glauben, dass Pelztiere nur in Pelztierfarmen in China leiden. DAS ISTNICHT SO! Sie leiden kläglich in Pelzfarmen weltweit. Dies ist ein Screenshot des Videos eines analen Stromschlags in einer Pelzfarm in Illinois. Sie sterben nicht sofort, sie gehen in einen Schockzustand, während ihre Innereien grundsätzlich vom Strom “gekocht” werden. SEHEN Sie sich das VIDEO an:

The Animal Holocaust by Jo Frederiks

English and german

Click to generate real cash donations for nonprofits to help people in Haiti, children, women, seals, primates, pets and wolfes, protect big cat habitat,
to save rainforest, and more – just by clicking. The sponsors help to turn clicks into donations. It doesn’t cost you anythink and helps!

And 2 more animal rescue site!
You click daily and sponsors pay for food and care.

Your click helps a woman in need get a free mammogram.;jsessionid=865A317B43FE7BFE754AF9D0FFAD6D05.ctg-c

For your safe internet search we recommend: AND

Tierkörperaktion in Karlsruhe, 13.12.2014 // Aktivistenbündnis Karlsruhe

Bei jedem Online-Einkauf Wildtierschutz Deutschland unterstützen – ohne Zusatzkosten

Es funktioniert ganz einfach! Über 400 Shops bieten über die Plattform boost Provisionen an, die bei Ihrem Einkauf oder Ihrer Urlaubsbuchung uns automatisch zu Gute kommen. Für Sie entstehen keine Zusatzkosten!

Die Sponsoren spenden für jeden Klick auf “Take action!”

Es werden Projekte für Hilfe für Haiti, Kinder, Frauen, Regenwälder, Wale, Affen, Wildtiere, Heimtiere, Wölfe, etc unterstützt. Es ist kostenlos und hilft!

Noch 2 weitere Tierschutzseiten! Hier ebenfalls täglich kostenlos „klicken“ und Sponsoren zahlen für Futter und Versorgung der Tiere.

Mit einem Klick verhilft man einer Frau in Not zur dringend benötigten Mammografie.;jsessionid=865A317B43FE7BFE754AF9D0FFAD6D05.ctg-c

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Ihr unterstützt die Rosiori-Hunde ohne einen Cent zu zahlen. Es sind über 900 Shops dabei, z.B. Amazon, ebay, Zooplus, Zalando, Otto, myToys etc. Bitte geht bei jeden Online-Einkauf über gooding und wählt als Verein Fellnasen-Nothilfe e.V. aus.
Vielen lieben Dank im Namen der Rosiori-Hunde


Fox weeks in “civilized” Germany!!

 Please visit and sign as many petitions as you can – updated 28/1/18.



Fox weeks in “civilized” Germany!!

What happens if we use the keyword “fox hunting” in Google?
Comes a horror result: half a million foxes kill 381,821 hunters annually, hunters who I call psychopaths of the forest.
Torture and murder against foxes has a long tradition in Germany.
And it starts again now. Nationwide, the hunters blow these days again to massive hunting for foxes. There are corresponding “action weeks” in almost every city, where every primitive and unrestrained “Huntsboy” of the German hunter gang can participate in the planned bloodbath these days.

The cruel “hunter” souvenirs of the massacred animals, which are proudly and “traditionally” posted on every hunting blog, remind one of the Holocaust.
The one who proves most fox tails is the shooter king.
To this bloody spectacle belongs the horn blowing and the schnapps in front of it, in between and afterwards.

What remains of the animals is decoratively laid “on track”. Arranged in series and limb, the carcasses are “pretty” next to each other.
Many of them badly messed up with cracked pines and barrels or gushing guts.

We have to imagine one thing: the animal shown in the photo is only the top of the iceberg.
Because if the death gets the male dog after mating, which plays an important role in the later rearing of the boys, then later on the boys will die, and the mother will often die at the same time.

Never had our hunters easily massacred their potential victims than in those days. The otherwise shy and suspicious foxes are now in mating season, walking carefree, unaware and investing all their attention in actions that serve their survival.
Which on those nights cost thousands of their heads.

Now almost every remedy is right in the murder of the fox. In North Rhine-Westphalia anyway, where the new state government sets completely new, worse standards for nature conservation.

One has to be morally and ethically quite degenerate to enjoy such pictures of the massacred animals.
But the most of the 381,821 German sham owners with the license to kill, have proudly preserved this “ability” or even “cultivated” it!

In all parts of Germany the so-called “Fox week” will take place from the 28th of January to the 2nd of February.
Which is nothing but the terror of a minority of 0, 46% sadistic murderer against innocent and defenseless animals.
And a population of over 80,000,000 Germans makes this terror possible with their “tolerance” which is nothing else than cowardice.

That is today’s civilized Germany.
And from this country other European countries expect understanding and empathy for the animals.
From this country (EU dynasty) we have been waiting for years the  8hours limit of animal transport, the control of animal welfare laws in the EU, the anesthesia for the castration of piglets, the ban on transport of pregnant cows, the abolition of wildlife in the circus, the abolition of hobby hunting. …

And we are still waiting.

But with good news, I can already complete my contribution.
More than 40 organizations and initiatives in the field of nature conservation and animal welfare are calling for Luxembourg’s role model to be followed and the cruel and pointless fox hunt to be stopped.

We hope and fight all together farther.

My best regards to all



NOTE – (for the full list and to view all the posts individually, go to the ‘Search’ bar at the top right and enter ‘Fox Week’ – this should then give you access to all of our past posts, including (WARNING) many graphic photographs.







Fur Free Poland ? – Urgent Action Required To Keep Bosnian Fur Ban – Please Act NOW.


Fur Free Poland ?

Urgent Action – Make Bosnia remain fur free.




EU Parliament Exhibition

Dear Mark

It’s been a big week for the anti-fur movement

around Europe.  After many months of planning

and preparation, the Make Fur History exhibition launched in the European Parliament, organised

by the Fur Free Alliance, including Respect for

Animals, and Eurogroup For Animals.

The event showed the facts about how real

fur is produced, and why more national

bans on fur factory farming are needed

in the EU. Many MEPs agreed to support

fur farming bans in EU Member States

where fur production is still permitted,

and signed a Fur Free Pledge.

Visitors saw a series of striking photographs,

could immerse themselves into the shocking

reality of the fur farming industry through

a virtual reality experience.

Mark Glover, Vice-chairman of the Fur Free

Alliance and Campaign Director at Respect

for Animals, said:

 “This exhibition allows us to reveal the reality on European fur farms, to present the facts about

the animals bred and killed for their fur and to

show why the fur industry belongs in the past.”  

One highlight came during the round-table

discussion, which involved politicians, experts,

activists and residents. It was a major success

and we are excited about the future campaign

in Poland (Europe’s second biggest ‘producer’)

to ban fur farming. With a huge attendance from

across Europe, including around 30 aggressive

members of the fur industry, Mark Glover spoke

about the shocking cruelty caused by the fur trade

and exposed the truth about fur.

“You have the blood of millions of animals, killed

for their fur, on your hands”

You can watch a clip of what Mark said to the cruel fur industry here.



Urgent Action Needed For Bosnia



Wednesday 31 January 2018 will be a big day for

animals in Bosnia – Herzegovina. The nation’s

fur farming ban came into force earlier this

month and was once the admiration of much

of Europe. However, next Wednesday, Bosnian parliamentarians will take the final vote which

– if passed- will mean fur farming will be allowed

for a further ten years. We can’t let this happen

without a fight.

Thankfully, there are inspiring and committed

activists on the ground who will be launching

protests on Sunday- but they’ve asked us, and

you, for our help (see below!).

What you can do:

1) Express your support on social media using #FurFreeBosnia.

Compassionate people around Europe are using

their social media presence to call on Bosnia to

close their fur farms.

Please take a selfie of yourself holding our ‘Bosnia,

close your fur farms’ sign, upload it to your social

media and don’t forget to use the #FurFreeBosnia hashtag!

Download our ‘Bosnia, close your fur farms’ poster here!   (or feel free to make your own)

If you don’t want to take a selfie and are on Twitter,

please click here to Tweet your support for the

Bosnian fur farming ban.

2) Sign the letter to the Bosnian Ambassador

and let politicians know that the world is watching!

Add your name here, if you haven’t already.


Finally, you can now order campaign resources through our website. We support many grassroots groups across the country, if you have a local group or want to set one up, then let us know! We’d love to help you out any way we can. The anti-fur campaign depends on grassroots, compassionate activists.


Donate to support our printing, postage and campaigning costs



View in browser

Croatia: Incompetent Idiots – This Is How EU Member States Treat Their Animals.


Animals at the port of Rasa, Croatia – an EU member state since July 2013.

From the video it is obvious that the people involved in handling the animals are complete and utter incompetents – how so often we are witnessing this now – representatives of the EU and its alleged ‘high animal welfare standards’ !

The careless use of electric goads, tail twisting and abuse to get animals to move –  all signs of incompetents who do not have a clue about handling animals.

And then one escapes and takes a tour of the port; pathetic incompetence regarding ensuring that all access routes / gates are secured.  What a joke to have to witness the efforts of idiots to try and bring the animal back under control and to get it back loaded onto the ship.

The sad part about all this is that once they reach Turkey; no doubt more clowns will be responsible for the unloading; and the eventual ritual slaughter of the poor creatures.

EU  Pathetic Incompetents – From the very top down.





Croatia joined the EU in July 2013.

Watch the video above to see the high standards of animal welfare within Croatia – EU member state !

To really put the icing on the cake; we have also had today contact from the EU telling us how wonderful everything is regarding animal welfare.

Here is their message:

Animal welfare: the Commission adopts a report on the impact of animal welfare international activities

Today the Commission has adopted a report on the impact of animal welfare international activities on the competitiveness of European livestock producers in a globalised world. The report reviews the main international activities carried out by the Commission in the last decade and evaluates their outcomes in promoting animal welfare standards globally as well as in contributing to ensure a level playing field between EU and non-EU operators.

Animal welfare international activities are a long-term investment, based on awareness raising, capacity building and funding. The report highlights that the Commission, together with the Member States, has played a prominent and decisive role in raising global awareness on animal welfare, leading to significant results both at bilateral and multilateral level. The issue of animal welfare is now included in the dialogue with non-EU countries, inspiring a number of voluntary initiatives in this area. The document also stresses that the global promotion of EU standards on animal welfare contributes to the long term objective to improve animal welfare in the world and reduce unfair trading practices, by valorising the added market value of products obtained under such standards.

The Commission’s report and related preparatory study are available on our Animal Welfare – International Issues webpage


Croatian MEP List:


We have today (26/1) sent a copy of the above video to ALL Croatian MEP’s.

We await their responses – if they bother – to see what exactly they have to say about animal welfare in the country of the EU which they represent.





England: First Vegan Pub In London Opens Its Doors.

Alright me ol’ China – London’s First Vegan Pub.

Get yerself down them apples and try it.


The Spread Eagle, may sound like a classic East End boozer, but you won’t find sawdust on the floor (that went years ago), you won’t meet an Alfie Moon landlord behind the bar and you definitely can’t order a sausage roll. Why? Because The Spread Eagle is London’s first vegan pub.

Meriel Armitage, Founder of Club Mexicana, has joined forces with publicans Luke McLoughlin and Sherri-lee Estabrook to launch the pub which is 100% vegan. Vegan food, vegan fixtures and fittings and vegan beer.

Dishes are straight from the core of Club Mexicana and are designed to be shared. Expect to find the likes of Sopa de tortilla, cheezy nachos, deep fried cheeze with Valentina hot sauce and Quesadillas with ‘chorizo’. Tacos will be stuffed with the Jackfruit carnitas, Baja tofish and ‘beef’ and ‘pork’ or if you’re after something more substantial tuck into beer battered tofish and chips or the MFC – Mexican Fried Chick’’n   – a chicken burger served with lashings of pickles and chipotle mayonnaise. For pudding you can quite literally finish things off with the Death by Taco, a deep- fried taco dipped in chocolate, rolled in nuts, stuffed with ice cream and topped with salted caramel sauce.

There’s a sixteen -strong selection of vegan beers, a specially created house Spread Eagle Lager, a vegan wine list and batch organic bottles and cocktails.

It’s still got alcohol, it’s got beer snacks, it’s got all the classic elements of a pub…it’s just 100% vegan.

The Spread Eagle: Open Now, 224 Homerton High Street, Hackney, E9 6AS, 


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India: Jan 2018 – More Incredible Rescues By Animal Aid Unlimitd India.

More Amazing Rescues and Recoveries At AAU India.


Moses was almost killed by flies…


A swarm of flies surrounded his head in a buzzing cloud, and their larvae devoured the side of his head and his entire ear. The pain and confusion had almost defeated sweet, aged Moses. When we found him on the street and slowly approached him, he was unable to even react. He had no more will to resist, and barely the energy, it seemed to keep himself in a sitting position. But once we brought him back to Animal Aid’s hospital and gave him pain killers, antibiotics, IV fluids, removed the maggots and his first of many bandages was secured, Moses began almost immediately to show his true colors. After more than 2 months of care, get ready to meet someone adorable.


Thank you for helping save his life. And for the hurting sweethearts to come, please donate.


Dog dizzy with pain from swollen head recovers


We could see from a distance that this disoriented and stumbling street dog was deeply troubled. As our rescue team approached we could see that her face and head were swollen so acutely that the ridge of her nose was disappearing within the puffed surface of her eye sockets and cheeks. Her eyes were filled with confusion and pain. Though a small wound on her throat was visible when we rescued her, we had no idea what was really wrong.



Once on the treatment table at Animal Aid, everything became clear. Pauline was suffering from a massive infection caused by maggots buried inside the flesh of her neck. Removing the worms was accomplished within hours but the wound would take five weeks to heal. Pauline is a shy older girl who was never became completely comfortable being touched. But she seemed to know she was in loving hands because within the weeks that followed, Pauline’s wound not only healed, but her happiness blossomed and she shares her heart through her radiant smile.

Pauline would have died without urgent help. Thank you so much for making sure she got it in time.


Please donate for street animal rescue in India.


Dog Suffocating From Collapsed Lung

The young men who take care of street dog Tony anxiously pointed the way into a dark store room where Tony was hiding. When our team arrived, one of the boys asked the rescuers “Will he live?” It was one of the worst injuries we’d ever seen, but we told him we would try our best to save him. Tony stood very still, probably terrified by his inability to breath properly. We could hear the air coming out of the hole in his side.


This is a video about the real meaning of “emergency” because without immediate emergency surgery, Tony would have likely died within just a couple of hours. After Tony was started on oxygen and sedated, our vet closed the hole puncturing his chest wall, and then inserted a tube to remove the air filling the space around his lungs that had caused them to collapse, so that his lungs could expand and he could breath normally again.

The wound was very dirty and needed to be thoroughly cleaned before we could suture it all back together.

The result? Watch for yourself as Tony, fully healed, lightens up your screen.

Donation link so that the team can continue with their amazing rescues: