EU: Animal Welfare on Transportation discussed in the European Parliament.

Animal Welfare on Transportation

discussed in the European Parliament!

A written question was asked in the

European Parliament regarding safeguarding

animal welfare around transport of animals.

Commissioner Andriukaitis, in charge of

this dossier, explained that currently their

priority is to enforce the existing legislation.

He reminded if animals are transported

from the EU to third countries, the journey

logs must indicate the whole journey both

within the EU until the final exit point in

the third country, including all resting,

transfer and exit points.

He also added that since June 2017 the

Commission receives from the Bulgarian

authorities detailed monthly reports on

the status of animal welfare of animals leaving

the EU to Turkey.

It is very promising to hear that these issues

are being discussed repeatedly, and we are

very proud of our work in Animal Transport Guides.


Please feel free, to forward this mail to everyone who may be interested in the ‘Animal Transport Guides’ project!

All the best,
The ATG – Project

Thousands of animals are daily transported

within Europe and to third countries for

slaughter, fattening and breeding. Transport

conditions during these journeys vary a lot.

To support the industry (farmers, drivers e.g.) 

to improve animal welfare, a consortium

consisting of 16 partners (from 10 EU countries,

all proactive in the area of livestock transport)

has started to develop ‘Guides to Good and

Best Practice’ as a DG Sante pilot project.

The Guides will involve guidelines for cattle,

horses, pigs, poultry and sheep transport,

with the aim to finish by the end of 2018. 


Read more info at

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