50 crocodiles seized at Heathrow Airport-England

Police confiscated 50 young crocodiles at Heathrow Airport

London 4 May 2018

Trapped in transport boxes that are far too small, the police have discovered a total of 50 approximately one-year-old crocodiles at London Heathrow Airport, according to the Magazine “der Spiegel”. Accordingly, ten reptiles each were transported in a container that was designed for only four small animals.

Grant Miller, head of Cites Security Monitoring Unit Cites at Heathrow Airport, told to “der Spiegel”: “It’s just unacceptable for reptiles to be transported that way.”

The year-old reptiles, which arrived on a flight from Malaysia, had fought each other during the journey due to their cramped circumstances.

Each of the five transportation boxes used had room for four crocodiles – but 10-foot-long animals were in each one.

One crocodile has since died.

Originally, according to the report, the reptiles were to be delivered to a breeding farm in Cambridge shire in eastern England were to be bred for meat – but now they are looking for a new home for them and being cared by officials from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

Speaking to “Der Spiegel”, Miller continued, “The police action is meant to be a warning to those who want to expose wildlife to such conditions.”

I thought about it a bit:

From crocodiles we still make bags, so brainless people compensate their inner ugliness with external exoticism.
Crocodiles are still kept in the zoo too. There, the animals stew in the sun, lurking in pools of green water while stupid visitors take photos with the inmates of the Zoo Guantanamo’s.
And every frustrated man, who confirmed his potency with the paid murder of safari animals always had a embalmed crocodile as a rug in his apartment.
Today, the modern corpse eaters, the gourmets with exotic desires want crocodiles on their table and belly.
So these otherwise highly sensitive and intelligent animals end up on a farm, where they are treated as breeding objects for the rest of their lives and brutally slaughtered for leather industry gastronomy after about fifteen months.

From a random irony I saw today on the TV station “NAT GEO WILD” a documentary about crocodiles: “In 200 million years of evolutionary history crocodiles have become perfect killers.”
I am quickly researching to find out, which are these perfect „killers “. And become resourceful:
Every year about 1,000 people are killed by crocodiles.
The number does not correspond to a dangerous “killer”!

And how many crocodiles are massacred by perfect “killer human”?
Every year, 30,000 crocodiles are brutally killed alone for handbags!
More than 1.2 million crocodiles are bred in Thailand. In huge breeding and slaughterhouses, the reptiles are processed in bulk to leather and meat.
The precious skin is peeled off, the innards cut out, the meat packaged.

That makes the most money. That is a perfect “killer”, dear NAT GEO!

In German portals for gastronomy I find even expensive offers of “professional killer” for crocodile meat victims:
Crocodile Neck Steaks: 49.96 € / kg
Crocodile Eye-fillet (1 kg) 51.95 € / kg

End of the story: “Indeed man is the king of beasts, because his cruelty surpasses theirs. We live on the death of others. We are walking tombs! “(Leonardo da Vinci)

Best regards to all




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