The really natur of the hunter.



I order hunters to the insane killer!
Seen from the biological point of view, this caste is one of the prehistoric apes that missed the evolution of their conspecific, and remained on the trees!

In a highly civilized society, they would be treated to an institution for the rehabilitation of their mental retardation!

In uncivilized societies, they go into the pub of their villages, with the smile of a wiper in their mouth, and with the “bouquet” of victims in their hands they shoot down the souvenir photo of their massacre, so that the descendants do not forget, that even nature makes its mistakes and produces malformations of a biological and moral kind.



2 Responses

  1. They are incurrable menthally ill , mostly drunk, kill everything on the way to nearly taverna ( for more drink ),alcoholics with arms in drunk hands.

  2. Prehistoric assholes. They are the worst species of idiots, bragging about how they murdered their preys. Most of the time, they act like killing is a sport, a diversion, a way of making some exercise. They kill defenseless creatures, they could as well use their weapons to kill any other living being… humans as well. Hunters are ignoble and the law of “cause-effect” will bent them down… since karma doesn’t forgive.

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