Animal experiments: a criminal idiocy!



Hamburg, Germany: No new animal laboratory at the University Hospital
We demand: 32 million euros for animal-free research!

Hamburg wants to build a new building for the laboratory keeping of animals at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) and provides around 32 million euros for this purpose. The construction works are planned from 2019 – 2021. Allegedly, the building will replace the existing animal husbandry and modernize it, but there are several indications that the number of animals suffering from experiments should be increased.

Cruel and useless

Animal experiments at UKE are neither ethically nor scientifically justifiable. Animals are artificially made ill to mimic the symptoms of human diseases as an “animal model”. Subsequently, an attempt is made to heal these artificial symptoms. Since these have absolutely nothing in common with the disease in humans, the therapy methods thus found do not work for the patient.

Population or patient studies, cell cultures, multi-organ chips and mini-organs such as mini heart or mini brain from human cells offer innovative ways to conduct animal-free research in the interest of humans.

While 32 million euros for the laboratory new construction are made easy, Hamburg praises only every two years, a research award in the amount of just € 20,000 and not even for purely animal-free research, but also for measures that “refine” or merely reduce animal testing.




10 examples of animal experiments from the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE):

Document 1: Rabbits are drilled holes in the shins to test an osteoporotic drug >>

Document 2: Mice die from artificially induced meningitis >>

Document 3: Mice suffer from cardiac failure due to genetic engineering >>

Document 4: In sheep, a piece of aluminum foil is inserted into the brain, thus preventing the exchange of two endocrine glands to develop an “animal model” for the testing of dental implants in old people with bone loss >>

Document 5: In pigs, a small wire basket is pulled through a heart valve to damage it and simulate aortic valve weakness >>

Document 6: Ferrets are thirsty for certain behaviors >>

Document 7: Genetically Modified Mice Suffer from Malformed Bones, Joint Inflammation and Swollen Paws >>

Document 8: What happens in the brain of rats whose chatter hairs are all moved at the same time? >>

Document 9: Crushed spleen of BSE-prion infected mice is injected into the brain of other mice >>

Document 10: Intentional rejection reaction of transplanted kidneys in rats >>Doctors against animal experiments call on the Hamburg citizenship to invest the 32 million euros for animal-free research. In the new building, animals must not be tormented, but innovative human-relevant methods should be developed.

My Comment: Anyone who knows and studies the history of the Third Reich knows, how the animal experimenters tick. Their actions coincide 100% with the mass murderers of these time. In every detail. Even Zyklon B is still used for the killing of experimental animals, even if it is discouraged.

It is not possible to keep out of this area behaviorally disturbed people; otherwise no one would give in to it.
But we need to know public the names of those involved and make their actions public.

Especially in this area, the demanded transparency is important.

Best regards


P.S: In the link is also the petition against the new construction of the animal laboratory, please sign!

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