Serbia: Ruma Kill Facility Update – 15 Dogs Saved and 10 Reerved for Next Visit Very Soon.

We recently published and appeal regarding a horrific kill facility located in Ruma which is in Serbia.  The words from activists who visited are as follows:

This so called shelter, has no rules, no regulations, every animal care law flouted in every possible way and nobody in in authority gives a damn.

We can’t even begin to tell you what we’ve seen here. It left us without words. Our souls hurt from the gruesome suffering we experienced when we entered here.  

This is worse than anything we have ever seen in Serbia, ever. It has disturbed us forever.  The horrors we witnessed in here when we visited was almost beyond comprehension as a human. Rotting dogs slowly dying. Sick, injured, just left rotting in pain. Dead dogs hacked up being used as food for the dying ones. 

Today (29/5) we have been in contact with the activists who first attempted to enter the facility on 21/5 – they were stopped.  But we have been given an update; and on 23/5 activists did actually enter the facility.

They say:

We entered Ruma kill station on 23rd, after filling written complains to the authorities.

On that day 15 lives are saved, 10 are reserved and we announced going back.

After our complains, we were accompanied with the Head man of Municipity of Ruma during our rescue. We were determined to open this horrible place and we made it!!!




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