96,000 murdered wild pigs because of a pig plague that never arrived!!

Hesse Environment Minister Mrs. Priska Hinz: “The higher the stock of wild boar, the faster the spread of the disease is possible. Therefore, it is still very important to keep the local wild boar density low throughout Germany, “said the Minister on May 26 at the State Hunters Day in Fulda, and cordially thanked the legal killers of the forest for done an unprecedented mass murder in the amount of 96,000 wild boars!

In the hunting season 2017/18, a record distance was achieved for wild boar: in Hesse, around 96,000 wild boars were killed, which represents an increase of around 30 percent over the previous year.

There are no more taboos on wild boar hunting for more than two decades, in Germany.

The number of “motor hunts” has increased in recent years. Forest owners, farmers’ associations and political leaders in the ministries are calling for intensive action against the alleged “pig pests”!

Germany – closed seasons are no longer respected and apply high premiums for killed pigs.




Yesterday, however, came an interesting message in the newspaper www.topagrar.com, which said:

“The Danish parliament has decided: The country wants to build a fence about 70 kilometers long against wild boars. He is to prevent wild boars from wandering from Schleswig-Holstein to Denmark. The fence is part of a package against African swine fever, which was agreed by the liberal-conservative minority government in Copenhagen and the supporting right-wing populist Danish People’s Party. Politicians fear, that migratory animals infected with the disease are threatening the billion-dollar pork industry in Denmark”.

A much better-informed guy about the african pest, Schleswig-Holstein’s Environment Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) criticized the Dane as a “politically difficult signal” … “So far, there were only cases of swine fever in Eastern Europe, in Germany is still no disease of a pig known”!!

Why then the mass murder of 96,000 living beings in his neighbor country Hesse?

Obviously, the one, the unsuspecting Mrs. Priska Hinz, did not know that not a single fattening pig in Germany leaves his concentration camps in his entire short life, and therefore does not come in contact with meadow and other wild pigss, and therefore the fattening pigs can not get the plague.

The other, the Mr. Robert Hack, regardless of the motives of his honesty, is annoyed by his neighbor’s improper “political deeds”, but forcibly forgets the senseless genocide from the gun of his Hesse neighbors to 96,000 creatures, which will go into the criminal history of hunters.

After all the crap that we read in the press every day, we come to the conclusion that even a pig pest proves to be an unfit competitor to the politician pest.

Best regards to all


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