A truck strike costs 74 million animals life. And nobody says anything!

I just read it on a web page, and I immediately thought, “The editorial has made a mistake, it cannot be that 4 million animals are dying of hunger and another 70 million will be slaughtered so as not to die of hunger”!

The following happened in Brazil:


Daylong truck driver strikes have in May 2018 plunged Brazil into chaos.
The point at issue was the rising diesel prices, meanwhile the situation is normalizing.

The largest economy in Latin America is the world’s leading exporter of soybeans, sugar, coffee and poultry. Farmers and traders could not bring their supplies into the key ports during the nine days of the strike, the damage goes into the billions.

Because the food industry is prepared to slaughter and process 21 million chickens and 150,000 pigs daily!!!


According to the Confederation of Agricultural and Pecuária do Brasil (CNA), producers have lost 6.60 billion reais (1.76 million US dollars) by Tuesday (29th).

The estimate only reflects the damage to the primary sector, the losses of agricultural processors are not taken into account.

The strike had devastating effects on the breeding animals.

Over forty million chickens have died because no food supply has arrived. More than seventy million of the animals were slaughtered, they began to eat each other.

Here ends the report of the newspaper, no one has written comments!!

My thoughts:

Everywhere is death and suffering, everywhere and today, more often than ever, animals experience the Holocaust, made by human hands.

And we humans, do not even register the consequences of annihilation, the crimes.

Nowhere have I read a commentary on this targeted unprecedented mass murder.

In addition: The deforestation of the Amazon has increased dramatically again.

And now the government even wants to dissolve protected areas.

The harvest of soya in Brazil now amounts to 114 million tones. Soy makes up more than half of the cereals harvested in Brazil, followed by feed maize with 94 million tones.

These figures outline a creeping environmental catastrophe. Because the bumper harvest is primarily due to an expansion of soybean acreage. Seven percent they grew within a year – thus grows soybeans in Brazil in an area that is almost the size of Germany!!
More than half of soy goes directly to export.

Anyone who has ever driven through the state of Mato Grosso and has seen nothing but seemingly endless levels of dense soybean plants. More than half of soya goes directly to export to China, Europe and the USA. There, the beans are fed to fattening animals, especially pigs and poultry.

The soybean cultivation in Brazil has already been forced by the left-wing presidents Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff.

Brazil’s new government under Michel Temer, however, is once more relying on the export-oriented agricultural industry. It is planning several laws that would further accelerate the deforestation of the Amazon forest in favor of large-scale farmers, ranchers, and mining companies.

US President Donald Trump has dropped out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. The Conservative government of Brazil, America’s second largest country and of great importance for the climate, is well on the way to succeeding it.





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