USA: the hell of the Waccatee Zoo has to be closed


From pacing and swaying to injuries and ailments, abnormal behavior patterns and inadequate veterinary care appear to be the norm for many animals languishing at Waccatee Zoo—a roadside zoo in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with a long history of violating the federal Animal Welfare Act.


For years, big cats, bears, and other animals have been witnessed pacing and baboons have been seen swaying and rolling their heads—all signs of psychological distress. A macaque was frantically self-biting and suffering from what an inspector believed to be frostbite.

A llama reportedly struggled to walk after having been severely injured by another animal, capuchin monkeys and bears had hair loss, and a goat was reportedly urinating blood. PETA has sent numerous complaints requesting that the USDA investigate this menagerie, but conditions haven’t improved for the animals trapped at this deplorable facility.


Please feel free to use our sample letter, but remember that using your own words is always more effective. Waccatee Zoo can be contacted by phone or U.S. Mail. There is no email or computer access at the zoo. So  I suggest to write a letter  to the given address, for example with the following text given by PETA:


For more…at:


My best regards, Venus


2 Responses

  1. I tried calling the phone number and no one answers and it does not go to a voice mail. ________________________________

    • Dear Susan,
      Obviously many people, like you, wanted to protest by the same way against the criminal implications of this zoo. What’s up with a cowardly Zoo leader in this case? Turn off the phone connection, and they think that`s the way the problem taken out of the world. But today we have the Internet, we can share or tell per Twitter what is happening there and how the animals are suffering. Therefore: Please widen the message by any means.

      In the name of the animals. Thanks to you, Susan
      best regards, Venus

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