Serbia: land of collective animal torment


A few days ago, the Austrian organization “RespekTiere” published a shocking report on the situation of animals in Serbia.


How many times have we been in Serbia and always have we not only heard unbelievable stories of animal cruelty but also had to testify again and again.
An end to the violence against the most helpless in our society, against the animals, is not foreseeable, quite the contrary – the situation seems to be getting worse and worse! ”

That’s how the report starts. Because it is quite long, only the main points of this report are told.



Already in the course of our first trips to the center of the Balkan Peninsula, we were overwhelmed by the sheer dimension of violence against the animals – yes, in Romania, Bulgaria or similar countries, terrible things happen in relation to the so helplessly delivered animals.

But while elsewhere in the majority, individual offenders let their madness run wild, they happen in the country on the Danube in the collective, and so the quality and quantity of animal cruelty is probably unique.

In fact, the crime on animals is such a widespread phenomenon that one must already speak of a pattern; or a virus, nestled in the DNA of certain groupings, inherited by the bloodline.


We no longer want to torture her with terrible individual cases; The fact is, we have to act. Do not allow such a concentrated madness right outside the front door no longer ignored. By the way, Serbia is a candidate for EU membership; a connection to the Union is envisaged for 2025.

But as long as such terrible things happen to the animals, the country can not and will not be ready for the EU, the question of accesion cannot even be asked.


And we mean: WITH or WITHOUT being a member of the EU, the Middle Ages for animals remain the same (almost) everywhere.


Therefore, the best would be if all (still) EU member countries would go out of this crime syndicate, called EU. How England did it.


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My best regards to all, Venus


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