The homeless


These were not just the primeval forests that were destroyed for palm oil.
These were their houses.
Now they are homeless, delivered to the poachers and hunters,
delivered to hunger and misery..


The demagogic electoral slogan for the EU elections has, as its main theme, family protection, minimum wages and affordable housing for all.
Politicians and political systems always prefer, and at best, the human species.
People have rights, all other species have NO rights.
Before the elections, is like after elections for the animals, nothing changes. Not in Europe, not in the whole world.

Anyone who places people in his political convictions before animals, he already makes propaganda against animals.
But we are for the animals.
We fight to stop losing their homes, their families, their existence, their freedom.
Maybe it’s utopia.
But it’s better than EUtopia.

My best regards to all, Venus


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