Thailand: Gorilla Lives In Desperation for Years after she was to be freed from Bangkok Mall where she has lived since 1992.



Zoo owner, Kanit Sermsirimongkol  said Bua Noi's sad look is just her 'natural facial expression'

A Gorilla pulls her hair out and rolls around her squalid cage in frustration FOUR YEARS after she was supposed to be freed from Bangkok mall where she has been kept since 1992

  • Pata Zoo, Thailand’s only rooftop zoo, was ordered to close in 2015 over a lack of appropriate paperwork

  • The gorilla, Bua Noi, 30, has never set foot outside the cage since her arrival at the zoo – 27 years ago

  • The indoor zoo is also home to orangutans, chimpanzees, leopards and reptiles

Read the full story, with video and photos at:




2 Responses

  1. Please please good people help this dear life.
    Love to her and yourselves! Dawn Spencer

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