EU Commission: animals are not your garbage!


One of the three stranded cows in Tenerife, April 2019


They are terrible pictures dead cows or calves are washed ashore on the beaches!


as we see here in the video

Why are there bodies of dead cows and calves on beaches around the world? They were simply thrown overboard during an animal transport! How to throw leftovers from food, or garbage overboard!


After divers in the Mediterranean were suddenly surrounded by dead calves and cattle and published the video in the social networks, there are also criticisms in the United Arab Emirates about animal transports.


About 20,000 animals fit on such a ship and therefore they are carted together from all over Europe to be transported on these ships. Often, these animals travel for days by truck, then come on a ship, for example, are brought to Lebanon and transported from there again by truck to other countries.


My comment: In the paper, MEPs now demand that animals spend as little time as possible in the vans in the future. In the hot months and over 30 degrees certainly not.

In the paper we read, that unannounced controls and the use of modern tracking technologies must take place.
Accordingly, Member States that detect infringements should impose uniform sanctions across the EU, such as confiscating vehicles or, in the case of repeat offenders, depriving them of the right to transport.

The EU Commission is the police in the EU area, which means that, according to the will of Parliament, it should be allowed to impose fines on countries that do not comply with EU law.
Transports to non-EU countries in breach of EU requirements must also be systematically prohibited.

This had independently practiced a small group of German veterinarians, acting under EU law, they have refused to approve shipments to non-EU countries.
The German government, the strong lobby of the agrarian and transport mafia has condemned and banned this initiative.

We have not experienced effective protection especially in recent times.
Both for the animals and for the law.

On the contrary !! Even commissioners resign themselves to the impudence and the authority corrupt ministers (see Romania) and instead of animal welfare on board and on the road, we experience officially even more animal exploitation, even more animal suffering, even more crimes against animality!

We must increase the pressure on the EU Commission and the Member States to do more to protect the animals transported.

We will fight against criminal transport gangs, and against the disregard of the laws of those, who paid by us to protect animals and laws.

The case “Midia” has not become an archive case!

My best regards to all, Venus

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