Switzerland: The strange case of the animal torturer Helga S.


The rat poison was neatly packaged in ham slices, and with a thick thread she additionally reinforced the package with a lethal dose. On Tuesday, Helga S. * leaves her insidious trail in the middle of Dielsdorf, Switzerland. Their goal: to torture dogs and cats in the community.


Attentive neighbors are watching their plans and alert the police. Shortly afterwards, the woman puts it in the act and discovers further prepared bait during the subsequent house search.

But who is the woman who lays her poison right next to a school and a sports field, where small children also play?


This is one of the poison baits that Helga S. is said to have laid out.


Candidate for the Zurich Cantonal Council!!

The 58-year-old is a lawyer and was a lecturer at a Swiss university for a long time.
She was also active in a school supervisory board. In 2003 Helga S. ran as SVP politician for the Zurich Cantonal Council. At the time, she campaigned for her education advertisement and demanded that the young people receive the “best opportunities”.

In Dielsdorf the woman had been considered strange for some time. Neighbor Antonella B. says to 20 minutes magazin: «She has withdrawn very much. Was never there and was not part of our quarters. »
Helga S. triggers great anger with her alleged act.

Neighbor Mari S. says: “I wish her the same suffering that she wanted to do to poor animals with the poison baits.”

Helga S. is currently said to be in psychiatric care.

It is then sent to the investigative authorities.
The arrested Swiss woman is accused of violating the Animal Welfare Act.

In the meantime, the Zurich cantonal police are warning animal owners in Dielsdorf that other baits may be lying around in the community. It calls for special attention from the population.


And I mean … as soon as Helga S experiences the same suffering that she has inflicted on the innocent animals, she will quickly recognize that cruelty to animals is a murderous act combined with agonizing death and will never try it again.
Psychiatric treatments for animal tormentors produce only costly and very dubious results.

My best regards to all, Venus


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  1. In such cases, the psycho-psychiatric status of the person is irrelevant, the conclusion is certainly: that person is dangerous to all living beings around him: human and nonhuman, and must be harmlessly removed.

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