Veganophobia or the meat paradox


Many meat eaters react irritably to a vegan lifestyle. There is a psychological reason for this: the meat paradox!


This text comes from the “taz.magazin on the weekend”.

To my great joy, the topic of veganism is more topical than ever! More and more people are open to a switch to plant-based nutrition; in Germany alone, almost half a million registered for the veganuary campaign in January, of which one or the other has certainly stayed on. Excellent!

With the popularity, however, the vegan rage of many meat eaters increases, which I also experience in the online comments on this column every now and then.

The most hated are vegans who, for ethical reasons, do without animal products – which is strange considering that a large part of our society would like to see less cruelty in the world. Or?


Not at all, says the American psychology professor Hank Rothgerber. Because the reason for this veganophobia is the so-called “meat paradox”.

The cognitive dissonance that meat eaters experience when they have to reconcile their diet and their love of animals. Because when we have two incompatible views in our heads and live one of them, it causes stress.

Now our brain knows a few tricks to protect us from this stress. I experienced that myself.

Previously, the first trick, I was a master at completely ignoring the reality of meat and milk production.

Finally, there were pictures of grinning pigs on my sausage packaging and happy cows wandered over green mountain pastures on my milk cartons.



And, second trick: Sooo much meat, I said to myself, I don’t eat at all. A liver sausage bread for breakfast, spaghetti Bolognese for lunch and the salad with a little steak in the evening – almost half vegetarian.

Stupidly, this mental trickery no longer works if you are directly confronted with a vegan lifestyle. Then the “meat paradox” hits your head again.

You feel condemned, that stresses and makes you angry.
And who is to blame for the anger?
These stupid, better eaters, on which you dump your bad feelings.

This is how you resolve the dilemma in your head instead of changing your behavior and reducing meat consumption. I felt the same way.



Today I know that when in doubt it is better to be for something rather than against it.

For the animals.

For the environment.

For social justice.

For delicious vegetable food. Then the spark jumps faster and enables a conversation with each other.


And who knows… maybe there will be a million in Germany in 2021 who will try vegan in January.!5663922/

And I mean…The favorite excuse of all meat eaters: vitamin b12.

My first thought at the sight of twitching, bleeding pigs with electric tongs or “CO2 anesthetic”, scalding bath, cutting throats etc., is not the lack of vitamin B12 or 6 or 100, but the lack of responsibility and compassion of a society that already knows all of this but a shit cares.

We have ethics and morality. This is the basis of our basic law, from which unfortunately only human animals benefit.

But the nonspeciesist morality command us to avoid suffering, torture and murder of non-human animals, that means the morality command us to stop eating animals.

This morality is the future of a civilized society.


My best regards to all, Venus


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  1. Let them die (from corona, from heart attacks, from cancer, from strokes, from diabetes, from Alzheimer’s, etc., I don’t care how, just let them die as soon as possible) all people who in any way use-exploit-torture-kill inhuman animals and destroy all habitats. on the planet. Or let them go vegan right away. There is no third. This is my wish, with which I do no harm or harm to anyone, and therefore no one has the right to challenge it. My message to humanity is : or NOW become vegan and live in harmony with the rest of the Earthlings (because you are genetic fruit-eaters, you are natural VEGANS), or disappear from Earth.

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