Killing for fun can never be a hobby – but a case for psychiatry.

The Swiss anti-hunting blog “Wild beim Wild” has done a study about the pseudo-hunter:

First we analyze what a hobby hunter is and then the pseudo hunter exactly.

According to Wikipedia, a hobby is a leisure activity that the person pursues voluntarily and regularly, which serves their own pleasure or relaxation and contributes to their own self-image, that is to say, forms part of their identity.

The word “hobby” is derived from the English hobby horse, which is translated as “hobby horse” in both meanings – children’s toys and leisure activities.

In our latitudes, hunting in the present is an activity that is mainly carried out in the free time by working people. The reason for this is that no one has to go hunting anymore to eat. The stone age is over.

Today, however, there is no ethics in favor of killing animals or eating meat, since we have been able to eat non-violently and healthily for a long time without having to go through the forest and fields in a murderous way.

When people used to hunt, this was done with respect for life and only to feed their own clans. For fun, foxes, birds and the like were not killed because one felt bored, was looking for relaxation through a misunderstood experience of nature.

You can turn it around as you like, hunting in German-speaking countries mainly takes place in the free time. This is not an invention by radical animal rights activists, but simply a fact.
Hobby hunters will always remain amateurs because they are not professional hunters or professional game keepers.

A pensioner in a shooting club who spends many hours a day in the forest is also a hobby hunter because he does this in his spare time.

Both the hobby hunter (indoctrination) and the gamekeeper (scientific expertise) can be well trained. However, theory is not everything.

A gram of practice is worth more than tons of theories.

It would not come to anyone’s mind to give a grump tournament with amateur footballers a higher quality standard than the Champions League with professional footballers.
It is crystal clear that with professional gamekeepers a completely different level takes the place of hobby hunters.

Many hobby hunters are apparently already overwhelmed with these simple connections and have great difficulties in classifying them mentally.

Hobby hunters claim: “The term ” hobby-hunter “ was constructed by militant opponents of the hunt to disparage the demanding activity of hunters”.

Can they also prove this or is it just nonsense again?

In any case, there is nothing to complain about in the term “hobby hunter”, “leisure hunter”, “amateur hunter”, etc., because the term describes a factually precise and flawless fact.

The pseudo-hunter

Pseudo is often used to express that a person or thing only appears to be something or someone, which in reality is not.

Hobby hunters are not real hunters as we know them from natural people, but always pseudo-hunters, who in their free time simply pursue a decadent, sadistic or even cruel hobby, which the right hunters of the natural peoples never approve or would do.


Today’s killing of animals by the modern hunter mainly results from greed, addiction, stupidity, enjoyment, indifference, anger, jealousy, pomposity, ostentation, showing off, jealousy, arrogance, ignorance, greed, selfishness, resentment and disregard for Living beings in general.

According to well-known scientists, researchers, wild biologists and case studies, it is easily possible and ethically responsible to leave game stocks in the modern, human-determined and designed environment.

The Canton of Geneva has known this modern wildlife management for over 40 years.

What hundreds of hobby hunters used to do badly, there is now done by a good dozen professional gamekeepers,do not massacre foxes, who intervene if necessary, and do not massacre foxes, badgers, birds and the like based on arbitrary hunting seasons or because of the joy of killing.

For good reason, we don’t have pedophiles teaching in schools either, although they could certainly also perform “demanding” tasks.
However, both pedophiles and hobby hunters have a disturbed relationship with the social norm.

Both groups have always targeted the weakest in society in an unchristian way, to relax, switch off, be one with nature, etc.


This is a hunter                                                         This is an asshole



And I mean…Hunters kill for pleasure
Psychopaths too.

What kind of person can enjoy taking the life of another living being?

Those who inflict pain and torture on defenseless animals with indifference also lose their humanity and compassion for their fellow human beings.

My best regards to all, Venus


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