Queensland: This is the story of “Beckie”

5,048 turtles have already been reported captured in Queensland’s shark defense system!
Since Queensland began using a shark defense system along the Australian coast, 5,048 turtles have been reported as trapped in these nets.
Of these, 419 turtles were confirmed dead.

The others, over 4,600, have been reported alive, but their injuries are unknown, and no information is known about whether or not they survived.

Some turtles were repeatedly caught before dying from injuries in the nets.

“Beckie”, Photo – Rebecca Griffiths / Sea Shepherd

This is the story of “Beckie”, an endangered loggerhead sea turtle that was saved by our crew. When we found her, she was already very exhausted and the hook was stuck in her side. We were able to get her for medical treatment on board immediately so that her injuries could be properly treated.
Fortunately, she was successfully rehabilitated and then released.

In Queensland, new laws that went into effect last year have severely limited the ability to monitor and be transparent about the shark control program.

The law forbids getting within 20 meters of the shark defense system, making rescues like “Beckie’s” less likely.

However, the public has a right to know what is really going on under the guise of so-called “beach safety”.

Sea Shepherd Deutschland

And I mean… The corruption of the government in Queensland, unfortunately, has a fatal effect not only on life in the ocean but on all animal welfare.

The number of koalas has plummeted from 100,000 to 40,000 animals within 5 years.
“Queensland is once again developing into a center of global nature destruction,” warns biologist April Reside.

The loosening of laws is partly to blame for the misery: Often no permits are required for clear-cutting and the destruction of nature. It is enough just to inform the authorities.

Landowners only need a state permit for larger clearings. Obviously, there is no effective monitoring of whether they adhere to them.
Effective nature conservation becomes almost impossible.

Queensland must learn to respect the life of ALL animals! Queensland must respect animal welfare laws and must stop exploiting nature and animals.

My best regards to all, Venus


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