People pay for it

They are all called Mengele.
Those who commit murder on behalf (meat mafia)
but also those who committed the murder (carnivore society)

Are slaughterhouses as bad as we imagine?
No! they are even worse.
And nobody can say today that they don’t know anything about the Dachau of animals.

Look at the photo, people have no empathy, are not afraid of torturing other beings, humanity has developed in a Mengele society.

With what perfidious, ice-cold cynicism is an animal massacred … as a matter of course, according to legal regulations, millions of times, every minute ……

The largest corpse producers are:
In 4th place is Germany, 3rd place is Brazil, 2nd place is the USA and 1st place is China!

By the way, Germany produces around 8 million tons of meat – in just a short time Germany was transformed into a country which benefits from factory farming, animal suffering, and animal torture, including!

It is said that animal rights activists are not welcome in China.
Animal rights activists are also undesirable in Germany!

Simply disgusting the human species … … garbage … that doesn’t even have recycling use.

My best regards to all, Venus

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