a good start to the week

The Animal Liberation Press Office (https://animalliberationpressoffice.org)  received the following anonymous information.

We didn’t want to withhold it from you.

We received these pics showing the newly decorated Syntech office in Guildford and the owner of the companies house.

Simon Orbell is the man who has a million-pound contract for the tracking devices used by badger killers in the senseless Badger cull which is being paid from taxpayers’ money.

Apparently, neighbors and surrounding businesses were educated into what this guy is involved in and people are not happy.

Simon and Lucy – We sticker bombed your neighborhood. Every Lampost, for sale sign, and the road sign has stickers of badgers on.

Your neighbors will be reminded that they have killers in their community every road they turn down. Unless you take them down promptly as we noticed you did the paint job on your driveway.

Ashamed of the truth?

Not content with a simple stickering we hopped into your garden and gave a nice wake-up blast at 2 am for you. We’ve been having a nice snoop around your home and getting to know you both very well.
See you tomorrow!



And I mean…it’s good to know who your neighbor is

whether your neighbor is a good father,
goes to church,
donates to your city’s football club,
but still does dirty business with the suffering and death of defenseless animals.

Today reliable information is more expensive than money, therefore we will continue to inform

My best regards to all, Venus

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