Poland: The Price of A Fur Coat. Terrible animal suffering revealed on huge Polish fur farm.

From ‘Respect for Animals’ – Nottingham England.

Against the Fur Trade.

Terrible animal suffering revealed on huge Polish fur farm

“This is a shocking investigation. The suffering of these animals can scarcely be imagined.

I personally know what impact seeing these atrocities first hand and close up can have.

As the undercover activist says in the video, some of the things he has seen will live with him forever.

I still live with some of what I saw in UK fur farms more than 20 years ago and it is not easy, but is certainly one of the things that has driven me on to work to end this disgusting industry.”

Mark Glover, Respect for Animals

Respect for Animals’ colleagues at the Fur Free Alliance, Otwarte Klatki, have today released the results of a two-month long investigation using an activist as an undercover farm employee.

The farm in Goreczki is potentially the biggest mink farm in the world, with around 500,000 animals kept in small cages.

The worker documented shocking cases of cannibalism, open wounds and untreated sick animals. He also recorded the reality of working conditions on fur farms: low wages, little training and lack of employment rights. This is of real importance because the fur trade is currently trying to reimage itself as sustainable and ethical. These claims are lies and this investigation is further evidence of the moral bankruptcy of the fur industry.

The undercover activist, called Yevhen, used a phone and hidden camera to document the distressing conditions on the mink farm.

Yevhen agreed to openly speak on camera about his experiences.  The activist describes dead mink found every day in cages, and the shocking “hospital” – supposedly for sick animals, but where they did not receive veterinary help, instead simply killed by gassing or dying untreated and in agony.

This is the reality of industrial fur factory farming. This is why fur farming must be banned.

Take action!

Add your name to this letter to the Polish Embassy, calling for fur farming to be banned:


You can read our full coverage of this vital investigation here:

Regards Mark

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