Fashion giant PVH Corp. bans exotic-animal skins. Super!

+++ success +++

VICTORY! After a decade of pressure from PETA!
PETA (and animals) just claimed a historic victory when fashion retail giant PVH Corp. — the parent company of Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and others — announced that it would ban exotic-animal skins across all its brands!

Every alligator-skin or snakeskin purse, belt, or shoe is made from skinning someone who didn’t want to die a violent, bloody, and painful death.

PETA and our affiliates have documented and exposed that in the exotic-skins industry, alligators’ necks are hacked open and metal rods are shoved into their heads; snakes are pumped full of water to loosen their skin, which is then peeled off, often while they’re still conscious; and feathers are yanked out of ostriches while they’re still alive.


This win comes after a decade of pushing from PETA and will prevent countless snakes, crocodiles, ostriches, and other animals from being warehoused and killed in the fashion industry for their skin.

Alligators are social animals who like to hang out in groups and use a range of bellows, growls, hisses, and roars to communicate with each other. They make great mothers, too, and are known to use tools.

When they’re not killed for boots, they can live for up to 50 years!

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And I mean… The precious skin is peeled off, the innards cut out, the meat packaging. This is the most money to be made in this creepy business.

In Thailand, Africa, Zimbabwe, and Vietnam the animals are kept in huge breeding and slaughter farms and processed en masse into leather and meat.

Even products of the endangered Siamese crocodiles are exported.
Handbags made of crocodile leather bring the equivalent of a little more than 2060 euros. A suit made of crocodile skin costs around 5000 euros.

For the meat, there is a good 7.50 euros per kilogram and the bile and blood of the animals can also be turned into money because the fluids are said to have healing properties.

This is how the reptile business works in breeding farms in many Asian countries.

The decisive blow against this industry can only come from above if we apply organized and massive pressure

Big fashion designers stop selling exotic leathers, that’s the solution!

If brainless buyers can’t find an exotic bag on the shelf, this chapter is over.
It is that simple!


My best regards to all, Venus


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